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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Top Ten Thursday - 10 Things I'd Rather Do than Clean

I recently stumbled across a blog called Should be Cleaning and thought girl, that is definitely a metaphor for my life. Should be Cleaning. I should be cleaning something but instead here I am. So I thought I'd do my

Top Ten List of Things I Do To Get Out of Cleaning

1. Blog - okay that was obvious and a no brainer

2. Read - anything and everything. I will pick up a science book, comic book, reader's digest magazine, newspaper, back of the cereal box.. literally anything just so I can read something. (my husband says this should be #1) *L*

3. Surf on my Blackberry. It's so fun looking up free apps. Free cause I wouldn't spend money for some weird little program that sits on my phone. Okay, I did pay for my Pink ring tone but after that I draw the line.

4. Play dolls and any mom who has two little girls knows how mind numbingly boring it can be to play with Barbies for 2 straight hours. I can only do her hair and change her clothes and say hi back just so many times.

5. Fix a snack. Why clean before I eat, right? It will just get dirty again?

6. Lie on my (unmade) bed and stare at the ceiling. Pretend I'm resting my back.

7. I can't clean now, my favourite show is on television.

8. Sit with O in the bathroom so he can pee two drops into the toilet five or six times a day.

9. Take the kids for a walk.

10. Have a cup of tea.. goes with number 2.

Would you like to play along? It's easy. Grab our button, post your top ten and come back and link up.

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  1. i do pay for apps on my BB, but only good ones :) One I would recommend to anyone is Pageonce. This is a financial tool - you can track all your financial balances, bills, etc. There is a free version, and I liked that so much I paid to upgrade. I love it!

  2. LOVE it! I will do as soon as I feed baby & write my articles for the week. :0)

  3. Sweet list my dear! Oh, I've attached a giveaway to this! Check out my blog!

  4. Love your list! I sounds a lot like what I do to avoid cleaning! Yet I have found myself taking a day off from work tomorrow to clean! What is wrong with this picture?!

  5. I read anything and everything, too. It's so much more fun than cleaning.

    I just recently got a blackberry and am addicted...but haven't even tried any of the apps yet. I'm scared I'll never put the thing down then.

  6. Hmmm...sounds like a perfectly good list of reasons not to clean. I use a bunch of those myself, except I don't have a Blackberry and I draw the line at playing Barbies (or Polly Pockets for that matter). :-)

    I would have to add drinking coffee to the list. Not in place of the tea, but in addition to it. Strong, hot coffee. Fresh ground. You know, it takes TIME to grind those beans and get the coffee dripping. Yep, sure does. No time to clean if I'm making coffee. Then, gotta have time to drink said coffee...at least two cups.

    Have a great day!

  7. Funny, my list is almost exactly the same as yours, (aside from number eight of course)! On the flipside, as a graduate student (in addition to being a wife and mother), I often play this game going the other way...10 Things I'd Rather Do than Study. Clean is number one on that list! Funny how spotless our house gets when I have an exam to study for. It's all about procrastination prioritization.

  8. Hey there! Just stopping by from Domestically Challenged! A cup of tea is the BEST. Love your blog and will be following! (and commenting on the giveaway for the alientation book!)

  9. Your list is a lot like mine. I will do anything to avoid cleaning!! Unless I am actually in the mood, which strikes about twice a month! ;-)

    I'm following you now.

  10. LOL! This list is fantastic! I have been there with #5, #7, #1, #2! Oh yeah!

    I've got the giveaway linked to your post, too!

  11. Stopping by from Sara's place. I loved your list. I did some cleaning today. I usually do what you do. I have a snack as I may clean or lay down and grab a quick show. But today I had to do it fast. I have people coming by...

  12. This is a great Linky! I would rather read blogs than clean, too. I'm following you now. (I came over from Sara's place.)

  13. That is one awesome list!! I'll also read just about anything I can get my hands on, esp if it gets me out of doing housework!

    OMG, I had to laugh about the Barbie comment. That's SO true. I can't help but start yawning after a little while when playing Barbies with my daughter!

  14. I can just picture you sitting there waiting for the slightest dribble on the potty! :)

  15. Loving your blog and I am following now. Found you from Domestically Challenged blog. I love your list!

  16. Ohh I love this list. I'm following you now. Found you from Domestically Challenged blog.

  17. Love your list! I can think of a million things I'd rather do than clean!

  18. those are all great reasons! i actually laughed out loud at #8.

    i was the one who posted about freezing cereal...i only freeze it if i ended up buying a lot of boxes and i know i wont go through them quickly. other wise i just keep them in the pantry. they thaw fast and arent soggy. we have a big freezer in our garage, so we have the space for it.

  19. It's refreshing to know I'm not the only one. I literally just wrote on someone's blog that I need a 32hr day. Then the house would be clean and I can do everything else. So yeah, let's work on that.


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