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Monday, October 26, 2009

It's official... It's a Boy!

Okay, okay. I've pretty much known that fact since that last hard push and the quick announcement of "it's a boy" as they rushed him over to the weighing station etc. If that wasn't enough proof surely the hundreds of diapers I've changed since surely should have made me aware of the fact that I am indeed parenting a boy child.

However, to date I haven't really found much difference between parenting girls and boys. Sure he likes to play with cars and trains more than the girls do but I can still recall how he insisted on having a baby doll to play with like his sisters, how carefully swaddled said baby had to be and how he offered the baby his own baba or bottle.

In a busy household like ours we haven't had much time to instill any real privacy or modesty among the children. We as parents practice as much as the children will allow it, now having been reduced to actually having to lock them out but it's been difficult to say the least to make E aware that it's not appropriate to run around the house naked just because an idea occurred to her while she should have been dressing. So children being children they are all pretty nonchalant as far as their nudity goes around each other and they've never expressed more than a passing interest in the fact that their brother has different equipment than them.

Still, I was surprised at my son's behaviour the other night. Yyou knew I was leading up to something here.

Enter the Penis Monster.

It came completely out of the blue. I have no idea why it suddenly occurred to my son that it would extremely hilarious to take off your pullup, jump out at the girls, you know how they do when someone says ta da only this time he thrust his hips forward and gleefully shook his willie all while going "raarahhhhh, rarrrrrr" at the girls. The girls to which, being girls, promptly threw their hands up in the air screamed, eeeeeewwwww, grossss and ran away screaming. Thus encouraging the said penis monster to continue to rear it's ugly um head (wink) and chase said screaming girls around the house. Yeah.

Now I'm not going to lie to you, the first time I saw him do this I fell down on the bed laughing my arse off. It was too hysterical. Of course, since we've reigned in our amusement, asked the girls not to encourage him by laughing and screaming and running away and tell him a firm No, that's not appropriate.

It's funny how we label males and females specific actions and reactions and behaviours. Really these days they say we are all equal and that's there are no real differences between the genders behaviours are learned and not instinctual etc. Now I'm not a behavioural specialist, I don't have any degrees whatsoever but I beg to differ. I cannot imagine my daughters suddenly deciding that their wahoos were monsters that need to chase people around the house.

So let's face it, as my husband said.... that was such a boy thing to do!


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  2. Now just pay attention if A.) he can't find things and B.) if he's a big baby when he's sick...then you'll know FOR SURE it's a boy!

  3. That is too funny!

    I think I would have cracked up over that too.

  4. ROTFL! Raaar! Raaar! I think my husband does something like this...

    TMI? ;-) LOL!

  5. It is unbelievable how much they enjoy those penises!

  6. OMG !!!! Too funny! Why are they so impressed with them ??? My son runs around nude all the time. We are telling him constantly to put clothes on.

    Last night my husband was in the restroom my son running down the hall pulling his pants down, slams through the bathroom door and yells "TINKLE PARTNERS" after I stopped laughing I made a note to myself to fix the lock on the bathroom door.

  7. Welcome to my world. I have the distinct feeling that if it weren't for mothers, men would be doing all sorts of things with their penises. It is definantly in their nature.

  8. I could not have kept a straight face. That is too funny.

    Ps: what on earth is a wahoo? lol!

  9. Oh my I have a lot to look forward too don't I?


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