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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fairy Princess or Tiger?

My oldest, E, is well on her way to becoming a tomboy. I don't mind, really. I was a tomboy too after all. My love of dresses warred with my love of the monkey bars. Dresses eventually had to make way for those ugly brown corduroy pants my mom bought me because I was told I could no longer go on the monkey bars and show off "gasp" my panties to the general population of 5 year olds at kindergarten. Sigh. I loved my dresses. E is a lot like me in that respect. She loves to dress up but she also loves to wear her tutu while romping through the backyard in her pink and purple gumboots.

I am also of the mind that the dirtier the play, the healthier the kid. Really. Don't you recall how much fun you had making mud pies as a child? If you never made a mud pie, decorated it with plucked flower petals then you missed out and I can only shake my head in sadness at your sorry childhood. Okay so some of you may have grown up in the big city where parks and mud pies were scarce. Still, I believe getting dirt in your nails, climbing trees and building forts to be just a few of the true joys of childhood. I love being able to look back fondly on those memories.

Still, it gave me a little pang when E decided that she didn't want to be a fairy princess after all but a tiger. Part of me says kudos to her for wanting to do something fun and out of the box. How many other little girls would totally groove on crawling around and roaring like a tiger? The other part, the still girly part, thinks what a shame it is that she isn't going to be all pretty and fine in her fairy dress. I won't need to make her up a new fairy crown. *sigh* Still, I am proud of her for daring to be different and for being who she wants to be. That's gotta be a good sign, right?

J on the otherhand has decided to be Tinkerbell and has a green fairy dress and today she dressed up for pre-school. Luckily for her she is already blonde and I even managed to get her hair up in a bun on top of her head so she looked absolutely adorable. J is definitely all girly girl.

So really, I guess I can still live vicariously through both of my girls.

Apparently, my kids have decided that I get to be a witch for Halloween. My husband asked me if I needed to dress up for that. Yeah. He's such a comedian.

BTW the picture is one our pumpkins that we carved one year. We like to do fancy pumpkins. It's very time consuming.


  1. They both must have looked adorable!
    What was your little man?

  2. He was a puppy. We have two puppy costumes so he's pretty much been a puppy since he was big enough to fit wear the first one. ;)


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