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Friday, October 2, 2009

Personal Blogs and Privacy Policies

I am a big believer in respecting privacy policies etc. After all, I wouldn't want someone coming and stealing the hard work I've put into my posts never mind graphics or artwork that has been designed by someone else. I have been completely astonished when I read about blogs that have had their posts stolen and re posted on someone else's claiming it to be their own. I just don't get how those people figured they'd never get caught. The internet is WORLD WIDE people, not limited to the confines of your town city limits. Eventually someone who knows someone is going to see it and it's going to get back to the person. A considerate person asks for permission to re post stuff or link back and give the credit to the poster at the very least.

Which is why when I insert those little graphics to my posts I try to hunt high and low for artwork that has no policy against use etc. If I have ever been guilty of it, it's been by mistake only.

So you can imagine to my dismay when I spent some time learning techniques on how to get my header to be transparent etc and designing that cute signature graphic that I was guilty of piracy. Yes, me.

You see I had downloaded some digital scrapbook sets a while back and used some of it to grace my blog. I had a quick peek at the designer's privacy policy and figured since it stated personal use only that I was fine. Because after all, my blog is personal. I have done the odd review but overall my posts are definitely personal in nature. However.

While browsing through my graphics folder I came across the policy and decided to have a quick peak. Turns out a personal blog is fine, yes, but not one that either posts advertising or advertises their own business on their blog. Whoops. I may not be guilty of #2 but I definitely hosts ads if only mainly Google Ads. Crap on a stick.

So I am going to have to re modify my blog page again. Something which takes time and not just a little creativity. Not to mention, I love what I have done already so I am reluctant to part with my cool designs, which of course wouldn't have been possible without the designer's graphics. I have no idea how you go about creating those kind of graphics.

The only good thing is once Halloween is over, I will be decorating for Christmas. Surely I can come up with a cool background with my clip art.

So things may get a little sketchy. I'm going to leave my graphics up for another day or so (after all I've left it this long already) before I go "naked" and at such a cold time of the year too. ;)

Hope you all have a good weekend!


  1. Sometimes they make the policies so difficult to understand. I feel for you, but like you said you don't want to put a lot of hard work into something for someone else to take credit.

    By the way I love the signature graphic at the bottom of the post.

  2. I totally feel you on this one! I'm always afraid of someone coming to me and saying, 'that's mine and you don't have permission to use it!!!' I just don't use graphics, unless I make them myself. Although, I do have a handful of pictures on my blog somewhere deeply buried, but I may have to change those out!

  3. I wish I knew how to make graphics and do things on my own! I have to buy stuff from people. :(

  4. Well... I love that you are going to do the right thing even though it sorta sucks. Forgive my french.

    And I gotta tell ya... this design really IS good! But you never know. Maybe you are capable of SO much more then you think..and this little challenge will show you just about creative and talented and amazing you are!


  5. thank you. I really love that signature thingy too (I am oh so technical I know) and I keep logging in to check it out.

    Thanks for your encouragement guys. I just might have to try and do my own. :)

  6. Now you've got me thinking...I've downloaded bunches of pictures (I didn't check the fine print...whoops.) Your blog and design is awesome, I'm so glad I found you.


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