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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Top Ten Thursday - Top Ten Worst Movies

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Recently I did a list of my top ten favourite films. How fun would it be though to do the exact opposite and list the Top Ten Worst Movies, in my humble opinion. Now it may be that it might just be a great film but that I didn't like it or it may just well and truly have been a bomb.

Top Ten Worst Movies

1. In the Name of the King - Jason Statham is in this movie and it is positively awful. Worst dialogue and script ever. My husband and I actually sat through this movie and wondered how the actors could possibly say their lines with a straight face.

2. Appaloosa - the new one. Dull and slow

3. There Will Be Blood - I'm sorry people this may have won an oscar but this had to be about the slowest movie I've ever seen. Sure there was blood, in the final scene.

4. American Pie - I don't get these movies. How can some guy sticking his you know what in a pie and getting caught should be in any way funny. Okay it's a little funny but really on a base and small level. Worst of all they made a whole series of these movies.

5. Babylon A.D. - normally I like a good Vin Diesel flick but this one was just too bizarre.

6. Pan's Labryinth - I hated this movie. It may have been interesting visually but the story was drab, with lots of unexplained storyline and a supremely tragic ending. It also was confusing because it was made out to be a family film which it so wasn't.

7. The Mist- a Stephen King adaptation. Some people thought this was really cool but I felt it lacked believability and the acting was very obvious, cheesy lines etc and the ending was absolutely awful.

8. Miss March - again another one of these teen movies like Superbad. I'm sorry but I just don't find that base vulgar sort of humour funny.

9. Street Racer - a great film about cars and car racing, crappy story line

10. Any and all spoof films like Scary Movie 1, 2, 3, & 4, Disaster Movie, Date Movie, Epic Film, Dance Flick - you name it they are all pretty bad.

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  1. I am such a child. I thought American Pie was hilarious...but, if it redeems me at all, I thought the rest (yes, I saw them all) were stupid. I've never seen any of the others on the list. Now I won't bother!

  2. Ugh! I totally HATED the ending of The Mist too! Worst ending ever! I was so angry after I watched that movie that I couldn't sleep for hours after. Yuck.

  3. I would add one called Krull to it. It's the only movie I couldn't sit through!

  4. Ok, I admit it. I enjoy spoof movies. Granted I haven't paid to watch one since Not Another Teen Movie. You know what movie I hate with a passion: Vanilla Sky. Pick a plot and stick to it. Oh, and my husband and I are always arguing becuase I hate (crap I forgot the name, the one with the guy didn't have any long term memory) because I want a good guy, any good guy to root for.


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