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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Life Is a Special Occasion

We look forward to summer all year. The kids are out of school, we can drag out our favourite summer wear, head to the beach and have fun. Only what's supposed to be relaxing ends up feeling rushed in a flurry of activity to keep the kids from getting bored. With the summer already half over, I'm reminded I need to slow down and enjoy this last month the kids have off from school.

Which is why I am pleased to be participating in a Press Pause Panel for Hallmark Canada. You may recall from a previous post that Hallmark is celebrating the fact that "life is a special occasion" and wants to remind Canadians to take time, pause and appreciate the everyday moments. Hallmark certainly has some clever and creative ways to get families to do just that.

lightningWith Hallmark’s Recordable Storybooks you can create a special memento that your child will treasure.  You simply record yourself reading the story and voila you can read to your child even if you’re not there.  This would be perfect for grandparents who live away from their grandchildren.  A lovely way to make a impact on a child’s life.  MSRP: $29.95family

With the Family Recordable Memory Album you can not only display your favourite photos but record a short story or memory to go along with it.  Perfect for keeping track of special events in their life. Bright and Colourful. MSRP: $29.95

Lastly, the Family Tree frame is a lovely way to show off the whole family by filling it with lovely framed photos and special mementos. I don’t know about you but my children love to look at photos of themselves and the Family Tree frame is an elegant way to display your favourites. 

It’s actually quite sturdy and there are a number of frames that you Purchase separately to adorn it.  It’s really quite striking.        MSRP: $69.95

Of course these are a just a few things that Hallmark has come up with to help Canadians “Press Pause” and enjoy moments with their loved ones.  Like the Beach Vacation Scrapbook with fun, embellished pages just perfect for recording all those sandy moments; or the Shadow Box Frame featuring a cotton clothesline with paper attachments to record your baby’s birth; or the Recordable Handprint Kit, where your child can leave their handprint on a heart and then record a message for a long lasting keepsake.

Check out Hallmark’s website for more special moment ideas!


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  1. I definitely need to get recordable books for my girls. I think they are the neatest things EVER. It's something that is such a beautiful thing. To slow down and read with your children.

    Thanks for sharing!


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