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Friday, July 22, 2011

Have I Bit Off More Than I can Chew?

Making plans, I am great at.  Executing said plans, not so much.

It’s so easy to talk about all the things need doing and what you need to get them done. Last night in a fit of ambition, I declared to my husband that we were going to finish off the paint jobs we need done and paint E’s room. 

I managed to motivate him so much that we ran off to the paint store and began the painful task of picking paint for E’s room.  Painful because E has definite opinions and she doesn’t like it when suggest alternatives.

Of course, she doesn’t understand my concern about the cost and that if we don’t like how it all turns out that we can’t just go and grab another can of $30.00 paint.  The paint she chooses she will have to live with for quite some time.  She was almost near tears at one point as she asked us why were trying to make her change her mind.

Of course we weren’t.  I was actually trying to figure out which paint chips matched the colours we had sampled out on the computer at home.  It’s amazing how quickly you forget that a soon to be 8 year old has absolutely no clue as to the paint process. She didn’t realize we had to pick the colours on the paint chips BEFORE we picked the paint.

Once she understood that things went a little better and the very nice lady at the Home Depot paint shop showed E how they add the colours, let her scan the barcode and even turn the dial for the paint shaker.  The lady even made each of my kids a little paint stick fan with the Mickey Mouse paint stickers.  She made the whole process more pleasant for us. As you can imagine three kids don’t exactly have much patience hanging around a home improvement store. 

Anyways, it’s a new day today and after making four dozen cookies for tomorrow’s bake sale (a friend of ours is letting E set up a lemonade and cookie stand), we still have to clear out E’s room, figure out a float and make a sign for her stand.

On top of that the kids keep thinking we’ll actually get started painting today.  Just wait until I put them to work scrubbing walls.


  1. I hope everything went well with the cleaning and painting. God, I wish I can paint these white, white walls. Stupid rental.
    What color did E choose?

  2. She chose dark purple for the bottom wall and a lighter purple for the upper wall. Her roon has sloping walls so it should be easy to paint it two colours without having to measure. ;)

  3. What a great activity to do together - to pick out the colors. I'm getting ready to pain one son's room with our move back "home" - and I'll bring home samples from store. I used Martha Stewart paints the last time and found it was the best paint I ever used. It covered better and I didn't need as much! I love your color choices. With light purple is definitely not an option! LOL Hope you had fun! (Once you got over the emotions)


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