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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Would it Jinx Me?

Would it jinx me if I posted a photo of the house we're hoping to buy?

They accepted our offer. It took until 8:10 p.m. for them to call but it's accepted as is, they even gave us the appliances. Yea.

Then today the realtor called to book a home inspection of our house for tomorrow so that's a good sign. The last two offers never even made it this far. If they are willing to pay for an inspection then they must have the financing. So hopefully nothing major shows up tomorrow. I can't imagine it will. You'd think after 4 1/2 years that we'd notice something by now.

Talk about stressful. We've had so many disappointments to date that we are still waiting for the other shoe to drop. I'm not normally a pessimist by nature so it's hard for me not to get excited. Although we've been pre-approved at the Bank, I'm still worried that they will say no way because we are both self-employed and a lot of our income is based on declared income.

Add to this that the house is at the top of our budget. So what makes this house the one?

It has/is:
four large bedrooms, each of the children will have their own room.
8 years old
a formal living room and a family room
a double garage
a patio
a front porch
close by a k-7 school, literally around the corner.
2 minutes from K's work. He could come home for lunch if he wanted.
master suite has a window seat. I've always wanted a window seat since
I was a little girl.

Add to that they we are paying just under the assessed value, which is going up this tax year, so once the papers are signed we will already have made money on this house.

We do have to fix up the back yard. It is pretty awful with tons of spindly trees. Yet my kids will love exploring the yard because it's "interesting".

Plus we have to paint a bit. Some of the colours are quite dark.

We had looked at 8 other homes this weekend and although some had potential, they were just too much work and none had 4 bedrooms on the same floor. Two would have to share a really small bedroom. Just for the kids to be able to have their own decent sized bedroom I think is worth it. At this point in our lives both of us know that we are not prepared to take on a reno. We've been living a stressed out life for the past 2 1/2 years what between running our own businesses and selling our home so we kind of think it's time for us to have a break. Taking on a reno project would just add to the stress.

So here's a peek at my hopefully soon to be new home.

In the Mommy Trenches


  1. Here's hoping you get the house and that everything goes smoothly!

  2. Best wishes...I think because the photo is tiny, if there is any jinx, it will only be a tiny jinx. ;-)

  3. I've always wanted a window seat too! Best wishes for this all to work out for you! Sounds like a wonderful home and it looks lovely!

  4. After two and half years, I think you put in your dues already.
    Keeping my fingers crossed, just in case.

  5. I so hope you get it! And a bedroom for each kid is so wonderful.

  6. Lots of luck with the house! It sounds great.

    When we moved, we wanted each of our boys to have their own rooms, but my oldest two decided they wanted to share anyway.


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