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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Top Ten Thursday - Christmas Prezzies

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Okay, we're a little late but I figured better late than never, right?

LZ over at My Messy Paradise is our host this week and she is offering up another giveaway. So once you've read my list, head on over to her blog and comment. For an extra entry, create your own Top Ten List, grab our button and link up.

Now on to my Top Ten List.

What with the recession and all, money is tight for everyone. Even the wealthy are cutting back, right? *snort* Not to mention once you have children all your focus (and money) goes toward them and not yourself. We have found ourselves not really buying Christmas presents for each other the past few years. Which is a total drag. I love prezzies. So I decided my Top Ten list for this week would cover the Top Ten Things I'd Most Like for Christmas. Just to clarify that this is not a "if money was no object" kind of a list but more of a we have some money kind of list.

So without further ado, here's my

Top Ten Things I'd Most Like for Christmas

1. Little Black Dress- You know "the" dress. The one perfect little black dress good for any occasion. I would love to have one of those.

2. Trip for our family to Disneyland.

3. New clothes. I know, I just got some but now my new jeans are embarrassed to be seen with some of the t-shirts in my closet.

4. Diamonds. Of course I want diamonds or sapphires or amethysts. Anything sparkly and pretty that I can wear in my ears, around my neck or on my fingers. ;)

5. A good pair of snow boots. Last year I had to go through the entire snow
event without boots. I hate wet feet.

6. A holiday from work. That would be a real treat.

7. The Inkheart series. I've been looking to buy the first one second hand
and can't find it. I'd love to read them all.

8. A Tassimo or Keurig coffee maker. You know, one of those coffee makers
that make just one cup but it can be whatever flavour you choose.
I'd seriously like one of those. I have enough airmile points to get
one but hubs doesn't think we should "waste" our points. Yeah
like airmile is ever going to get us anywhere.
10 years, I've got 1100 points.

9. A Kindle or Sony E reader. Did you know they are finally
shipping to Canada but you have to pay duty. BOO!!

10. My house to be sold. That would be the greatest xmas gift of all

Oh I'd also like World Peace and to end world hunger but I figured that goes without saying. ;)

Thanks for playing and Don’t forget to visit my great co-hosts: Jennifer at It’s a Beauty Filled life, Sara at Domestically Challenged as well as LZ at My Messy Paradise.


  1. What a great list - I hope you get ALL of it! The Keurigs are pretty cool - my mom has one. I am hoping for some new clothes too!!

  2. Awesome list! I'm hoping you get at least two, one for you and that house being sold already.

  3. you have a blog award! www.sharingthepagesoflife.blogspot.com


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