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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I'm still waiting

I'm still waiting for O to settle down and get back into his regular sleep pattern. It will be almost two weeks since he's started this sleep issue and no amount of tactics can seem to mend the problem. We had one successful night on Sunday. K had no problem putting him down and when we awoke at 7:30 a.m. we were both high fivin each other that he'd actually slept the entire night.

So we were pretty much counting on a repeat performance on Monday. Nope. It took several attempts to just get him down and then, of course, he woke up screaming during the most intense part of a movie we were trying to watch. So, I finally had to tell K and our friends to go ahead and finish the movie without me because I knew that it was going to take awhile. I ended up sitting in his room for an hour, trying not to fall asleep, before I could make an exit. Then at 4 a.m. I ended up sleeping in the rocker in his room for the rest of the night.

Thanks to those with the suggestions and/or comments. While previously, I hadn't thought he was having night terrors, last night he definitely was having one. I couldn't settle him down for at least 10 minutes. I'm not sure if he knew me because he did let me hold him he just wouldn't stop crying and wouldn't even take a bottle. The second time he woke up was purely separation anxiety. He wants to know we are there. No idea where this is coming from. He has from birth been the easiest baby to put to sleep. I have worked evenings since he was about 7 months old so that's nothing new. The only new thing is that I have recently cut back one night a week and suddenly I'm home an extra night each week.

We did have him babysat once by a family friend whereas usually he's babysat by nanas and papas. Oh and upstairs Nana and Papa went to Vancouver a week ago. Which does sort of coincide with them going. He was difficult to put to bed the night before they left but slept through. He hasn't slept through since. Fortunately, they are coming home tonight.

UPDATE: I just called home and Nana and Papa had just gone upstairs. O didn't have much to do with them at all. Which means, according to my sixth sense mommy knowledge, he's mad at them for being gone so long. Normally he'd be all over Papa. He's definitely a "papa boy".

I remember when I went away for 2 weeks when my nephew was a baby he was so mad at me he wouldn't look at me the whole evening I got back. I was crushed because he was my favourite little guy.

So hopefully now that he's seen them, maybe it will help his sleep. I don't know. I'm grasping at straws at this point. As you can imagine, particularly from my last post, that we are running the entire gamet of the rollercoaster of emotions. I'm getting a little better, more resigned to just toughing it out. If I have to, I'll sleep on his floor. At least I'm getting some sleep. So even though I didn't get to bed until after 12:00, slept from 4 to 6:30 in a rocker and have been managing the whole show at home, taking kids to school (walking btw), picking them up and now am at work, I am still managing to end my day off positively.

At this point... that's a good thing, no that's a ruddy miracle.



Another note from In the Mommy Trenches

*I "borrowed" this photo from mommy at my mommy's place photostreatm. http://flickr.com/photos/58386103@N00/2469359261/ I'm not sure what the whole etiquette thing is for borrowing photos etc. I try not to borrow things that people are using in their blogs etc because hey, let's try and be a little original here but sometimes it's just hard to find something that fits. So hopefully, no one out there is annoyed and if they are, let me know and I will gladly remove it. I'd like to get one of those mugs though and this t-shirt from www.CafePress.ca
although I think it should say... I'm not stupid, just Sleep Deprived *L*

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