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Thursday, December 18, 2008

It's a Winter Wonderland

Okay... so last post I said Let it snow, Let it Snow. Well, I DIDN'T MEAN IT! No seriously, it can stop now, please, pretty please, please stop.

You guessed it, it's still snowing. We are getting a record snowfall. So far we have 27 inches with more expected tonight and tomorrow. I have NOT finished my Christmas shopping. I have NOT bought my son anything and I do mean anything yet. We just weren't able to get back to the store without the kids yet and now I don't know if we are going to make it into the City.

This is crazy. It's not normal for us. We used to get more snow when I was a kid but what with global warming etc.. our winters are pretty mild, we're lucky if it snows once a year never mind like this. We are usually considered the banana belt of Canada and our weather is more like England.. you know, rainy.

Don't get me wrong, as previously stated I do like snow. It's just I really really need to get my Christmas shopping done and hubby has a commute so I worry about him on the road. He didn't go in today but he might tomorrow and I'll worry the whole day.

The Plus side... it's pretty definite, almost positively positive that it will be a... white Christmas. Hurrah. We haven't had one of those in years. Down side, Christmas dinner is at my mother's and she gets even more snow out in ER than we do and we do NOT own a 4X4.

Okay.. too many shout outs, too many italics but I'm pretty excited. Christmas is coming. It's snowing. Wow.

The lights look gorgeous twinkling off the crisp white snow. I took tons of pictures today. Of snow, snow on trees, snow on houses, snow down the road, kids playing in snow. You name it. I even managed to get a photo of a snowflake. Hopefully, it will turn out. It was so cold that as it was snowing, the snowflakes would land on my sleeve and my gloves and stay absolutely perfect. I was mesmerized. I knew what snowflakes looked like, I mean we have drawings of them everywhere, but to see a real live snowflake and realize that it actually does look as amazing as they depict it is something. Part of me, I think, didn't actually believe that snowflakes really looked how people drawn them. Each one was different and so perfect, I wish I could have kept them. I guess when you're a kid, you just don't stop to look at the snowflakes. You too busy throwing them!

I will post some photos later (I'm currently blogging from work) when I get a chance to upload some from the camera. Hopefully, my photos will have done justice to how much snow there is and just how absolutely gorgeous it all. I love the crisp whiteness of the snow and how clean it makes everything look. (I hate the dirty snow clumps in the road.) Nothing is more breathtaking than a stretch of untouched snow glistening in the sunlight, or a stretch of trees, the ones with bare branches, all dressed up with snow. We have lights hanging in our fruit trees this year and so it looks amazing when we turn them on. It lights up the whole yard.

Anyways, back to work. Hopefully, wherever you are, you will have a White Christmas, if not in reality at least in your heart!

Merry Christmas,

In the Mommy Trenches
P.S. photos have now been added.
P.S. favourite childhood snow memory..... I was elementary school age and it snowed pretty heavily one day. My mom, dad, brother and I all got dressed up in our snow gear (course it was snow pants then, just heavy clothes) and went for a winter nighttime walk. We walked over snow covered roads throwing snowballs along the way. We walked down to my school and sat on the swings. I can still remember my mom swinging away like a kid. I don't remember every detail but I just remember the warm sense of fun that we had being together as a family. Both my parents worked so moments like these weren't frequent. Then later my mom made us all hot chocolate to warm us up.
What's your favourite winter memory?


  1. Your site is GORGEOUS and I am so horrendously jealous of the snow. I too love watching Christmas lights reflect off clean, white snow. OOh, you get a double star for pretty Christmasy blog!

  2. Ok, I loved your new design so much I made an award for you! Come by and get it!


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