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Friday, December 12, 2008

A Day at School

Well, today was a parent helper day at E's school. I managed to arrange with upstairs Nana to look after J and O so I could help out. I wasn't sure what to expect or how many other parents would make it. Let's face it, in this day and age so many families need both parents to work. It ended up pretty good though. Mrs. D wanted 10, we managed to have eight parents, 2 dads and 6 moms. So with 18 kids in the class it was a pretty good parent to kid ratio.

Oh, I forgot to mention what we were making. Gingerbread houses, er that is Graham Cracker house. It's amazing the things that teachers come up with. We basically took graham crackers and with royal icing stuck them to the side of a 250 ml milk carton. It worked perfect. The kids loved it and even the parents loved it. Amazingly enough the kids actually were pretty good about not eating the candy or the icing. Sure, I saw a few take a secret lick of their fingers and the odd sneak of a candy but over all they were pretty good.

We were asked to bring candy to decorate the houses. Well I think everyone was worried about not bringing enough because we had waaaaaaay too much. So it was pretty much a free for all the kids to see how much candy they could actually stick to their houses and when they were covered fell to actually decorating the paper plate it was on. I think, in their secret little hearts, they were probably thinking how they were going to get to eat all that candy at home. I have to admit I was eyeing some of those candies myself. One parent actually sent candy cane stripped hershey kisses. hoo boy.

It was great though. I actually got to meet a few of E's school mates and learn some of their names. You sure get to see how different the kids are. Some go right to it and decorate like mad little hatters, others are more like turtles, slow and steady.

I'll have to take a photo of her house and post it. Unless they've all eaten it while I'm at work. Since it's E's, she's quite free with giving out the candy on it. *L* Since I don't like gingerbread, these graham cracker houses look very yummy to me. Have you ever noticed that graham wafer crackers smell really good. They taste good too but not as good as they smell.

Anyways, it was a nice day. To top it off it snowed around lunch time and it was amazing to see how excited the kids get. As soon as enough snow was on the ground they were outside like a shot. The sad thing was O was having his nap so he never got to go out. Now it's raining and so no snow tomorrow. I would have liked to have taken his picture in the snow. Last year he was just a baby still. Sigh.. they grow up so fast. I looked at his Christmas photo last year and he was only 7 months old. I couldn't believe it. He's so big now I was thinking that had to be from 2 years ago but do the math. He's 19 months now but he seems very advanced for his age. Probably because of his 2 big sisters.
My one peeve of the day. E has a new snowsuit. It was on sale but still a splurge. So it's nice right. Nice enough that you almost, I said almost, don't want the kid to wear it because it will get dirty right. Course that's ridiculous why else do we buy them clothes? (But I'm sure you know what I mean) So she wears her snowpants for the first time in the snow. Does she just stick to playing in the snow? Oh no. Not my kids. She decides to go under the deck stairs and scrounge around on the gravel there and get thoroughly muddy, her pants and her gloves. Course the poor kid got the lecture. Mom spent good money to buy blah blah blah. Stupid really. Kids should be able to play. It's a good thing they aren't hung up on getting dirty or they'd have no fun at all. Fortunately, I threw her pants in the washer right away, threw every stain remover I had at it and it all came out clean.
That's all for now.
In the Mommy Trenches

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  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful day. I always find when I go to school with my kids for parties and whatnot that I'm amazed by the differences between their "school personalities" and "home personalities" lol. The good news is that I haven't apparently embarrassed any of them yet. LOL. Great post!


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