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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Poo in the Toilet

If I had a breaking point, and I think I do, it'd be the poo in the toilet. 

Can anyone tell me at what point children actually remember to flush the toilet?  I can live with the knowledge that they probably forgot to wipe their bums.  I wash laundry all day every day whether they wipe or not.  What absolutely drives me around the bend though is walking into a bathroom only to be greeted by the sight of a big blob of poo in the toilet.

If it's not the poo then it's the... "Mommy, my bed is wet" five minutes before bedtime.  Did they tell me in the morning when it happened?  No. That would have made too much sense.  It should have been obvious to me when my 5 year old was up and dressed without prompting. 

Or the spilled milk.  Nothing like walking into a room to find a cup tipped over and milk pouring from table to chair to floor. No sign of the culprit in sight.  I, once again, applaud myself on my foresight of putting vinyl on my recovered chairs and mentally scoff at my mother at her suggestion of why bother.

Then it's the caps left off the felts.  I'm not made of money I scream as I feverishly delve into the felt bin trying to match colors to felts top prevent them from drying out.  Who cares if pink is on pink and blue on blue?  I do for some bizarre reason. 

And the paper.  Oh the horror of paper.  My 3 year old's latest obsession is gluing paper together in long strips and then abandoning it for days.  If it's not glue then it's the safety scissors as little bits of paper are strewn about every aspect of my life.  He's learning eye hand coordination I tell myself, it's an important part of development.  He will be graded, after all, on correct handling of scissors when he enters kindergarten (I'm not kidding). 

Then it's the playdoh, why can't they just play nicely with it?  Why does it have to be shredded into a million and one teeny weeny bitsy bits that immediately gets embedded into everyone's socks and tracked through out the house.  Playdoh just doesn't sweep up well until it's dried. 

Or the sneakiness.  How is it I can be sitting just five feet away from them either folding laundry, on the computer or doing dishes and the most heinous of crimes can be committed right underneath my nose?  Hard of hearing mom or just stealth like ninja kids?

It's days like these that I seriously consider going back to work outside the home. 


  1. Ugh, you're having one of those days, as we all do from time to time! Hope you get to feeling better and you don't strangle them all in the meantime!

  2. Sorry girl. I totally understand every last one of those things. For me though, the not wiping thing is a HUGE irritant. I can't stand poop in underwear simply because a kid is too lazy to wipe. I understand the younger ones not being able to, or not going a good job - but my 8 year old continues to just NOT do it. LAZY. Doesn't want to.

    And yes, we've went through a time of him having "diaper rash" basically because he pooped, had some left, didn't wipe...dried on bum...late that night taking a bath it is discovered. OUCH. Yet he STILL doesn't wipe!


    The joys of motherhood, eh?

  3. I asked an older lady when they would start flushing. She hesitated and said, "Never." She has kids my age.

    You are right. Markers need to have the right color caps. End of discussion. I worry about the slob who doesn't care.

    You are so funny. Stopping by from SITS. Hope your day was better today.

  4. My daughter is also 3 and loves gluing stuff. I do not like it and have said that there is no more glue. Ever.

  5. I know that one. Around here we call poo in the toilet "turd surprise" because of course, you don't expect it. (Except that eventually, you do.)

    Kids thrive in mess, I think.

    Hope you have a better day tomorrow.

    Visiting from SITS!!

  6. My daughter once had an obsession with cutting paper. I found little scraps of paper everywhere! Oh, the joys of motherhood.;)

    Visiting from BlogFrog!

  7. 2 out of 3 toilets last night, I realized once the kids were asleep! I wanted to wake them up to make them flush... disgusting! Seriously???

    Oh and playdoh was totally outlawed in my house after it ended up embedded in the carpet.

    My point: I feel your pain!

  8. Visiting from SITS, I am feeling your pain. It's insane where I have found playdoh and snips of paper.


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