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Friday, May 14, 2010

Help, PMS after Aunt Irma visits?

I know PMS affects every woman differently.  From cramps to heavy bleeding, breast tenderness and moodiness.  It all varies.  Until I had my first baby, I never ever had experienced that level of breast tenderness.  If I hadn't been told that it was normal for my boobs to be tender, I would have thought I was dying.  It was that painful.  So now when I get it occasionally, it's not really a big surprise and I mark it down to my period coming. 

Too, I've been lucky on the whole PMS symptoms front.  Sure I might get a few cramps but nothing like it was when I was a kid when it was a day off of school and the whole day spent in bed in a tylenol induced coma.   Now the side effects tend to be fairly mild.  Except, of course, for the moodiness.  But when I combined the stress of my life all into it, some times it was hard to separate what was PMS related and what was just plain old me being miserable. 

Still when you get to recognize the symptoms and correlate that with the time of the month you do start to get into a rythm and with that comes understanding of your body and yourself.  However, it has been with some surprise that I have been noticing that my body or my brain has been getting it ass backwards.  I go through the whole routine, a little breast tenderness, the obligatory headache, a cramp or two and then when the whole thing is over, bam PMS moodiness.  I have been finding myself short-tempered and snapping at the kids, something which I had been making great strides with since we moved and now it's like every 3 weeks we're back to square one. 

Has anyone heard of this?  Or perhaps you've experienced this too?  Cause I'm thinking if I'm getting moody at the end of my period, there must be something I'm lacking, hormone wise. 

Do you have any tips for me to help with the moodiness?


  1. Oh those days are gone for me but the moods are not. I use to use primrose it seem to help. Thanks for stoping at my blog.

  2. I started this a few years ago. I have a few cramps the day before my period but the big, whopper cramps usually come on the 2nd day of my period and last all the way through. However, the emotional storm, and I DO mean storm, happens once my period is over.

    My mood swings are SEVERE. I become extremely angry and mean one minute and then I'm crying like a baby the next. At times, I will feel like I could literally rip someone's head off for absolutely no reason and not give it a second thought. Then, in a few minutes, I will be sobbing, also for no reason. When I spoke with my GYN about this, she did some tests, had me fill out some questionnaires, etc. Then she eventually diagnosed me with Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD). It usually happens a week or so before the onset of a woman's period, hence the word PREmenstrual, however, she said it actually can happen at anytime during the 28 day cycle.

    I don't know how severe yours is but here is a good site to read more about it.


    I hope this helps in some way and I hope you start to feel better. BTW, I'm always intrigued by the names people give to their period. :0) How did you come up with 'Aunt Irma'? We always call 'her' Aunt Flo. LOL! :0)

    Have a great weekend.


    Teresa <><

    ♥ Too Many Heartbeats ♥

  3. I'm like a PMS maniac. I think I have one week out of the month where I feel normal. And that might be pushing it.

    Thanks for visiting on my SITS day on Monday! I think you were one of the first blogs that I started following.

  4. Chocolate and alcohol.

    Seriously, my mom had bad PMS. The only thing that helped her was prozac. Talk to your doctor.


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