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Monday, May 31, 2010

Supernanny No Nos

We occasionally like to watch Supernanny.  It used to be because we wanted tips on parenting.  Now it seems because it makes us feel so much better about our own kids.  They just don't seem so bad after watching some of those holy terrors on television. 

We recently watched an episode wherein while I truly felt sorry for the family and what they were going through etc, it made me realize that K and I are not so far off the parenting path as we thought.  Here are a few examples of things that we are actually doing right:

1.  Our 6 year old child doesn't use sippy cups.  In fact, none of the kids do.  (Mind you O only gave up bottles completely a month before his 3rd birthday, a big Supernanny no no.)

2.  I don't wipe my children's bums.  Do I like cleaning poo stains out of their underwear? No, but they need to learn.  I don't like having to drop what I'm doing to wipe their butts either.  A verbal reminder is about all they are going to get from me.  I have done my time dealing with their poo.  No more. I am totally on board with Jo on this one.  (We're talking older children's bums here.  Obviously younger children may need help)

3.  I don't waffle.  If my daughter refuses to brush her teeth, I don't plead, beg, negotiate or stand around cajoling her to do so for an hour.  Her teeth get brushed.  I don't care if she cries, I don't care if I have to do it myself, it gets done.  Like the other day, hubs came down saying J refused to go potty.  I went up, picked her up, removed her pants and sat her on the toilet and guess what?  She peed. Job done.

Now if we could just stop the yelling and over explaining... we might actually get somewhere.

Still it made me feel just a wee bit better knowing that I'm doing something right.  ;)


  1. Yup. It may sound terrible, but sometimes I think - bring on the screams kid, because with every protest, I know that I'M getting MY way. And sometimes that is what is needed. Mom and Dad to get their way. :)

  2. I've got to stop the sippy cups too, at least for my 4 year old. Would sure clear a lot of space out of my cupboard!


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