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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Crayola Products Review - Fun Family Time

Last week I received the following three products from Crayola which was followed by a lot of extreme excitement by my children. 

Color Wonder Nemo:

An 18-page Nemo-themed Color Wonder colouring pad with 4 Color Wonder paint brushes and one Colour Wonder marker ($9.49)

Color Wonder Fairies Glitter Paint Set:

An 18 page Disney Fairies Color Wonder colouring pad with two Color Wonder twist up glitter paint brushes and Color Wonder markers ($10.49)

Chalk Maker Assortment:
Washable, the only customizable chalk set that allows children to personalize by creating their own colours or shapes! ($11.99)

The great thing about Color Wonder colouring sets is that the markers only work on the colour wonder pages.  An especially great idea for my 3 year old who is the only one of my children who likes to colour my walls.   This also makes it a perfect vehicle activity.  I just pop the markers in a ziploc baggie and each kid gets their own set with their own colouring book. 

While the colours are not always as bright as regular felts, the kids still love to see the colours appear on their picture and often there are little surprises built in.  Like in the Fairies book, as you colour hidden sparkles or flowers appear.   Also the markers are interchangable from book to book.  When the book is full I keep the markers to use with the next set.  It's nice having multiple colours which makes for less fighting over who gets what colour since I do have three children.  Also some sets come with different colours so keeping them gives the kids more options. 

Of course my girls absolutely loved the glitter twist up paint brushes for their fairies.  It's a clear gel like paint with gold or silver glitter in it.  You use this to add glitter to your pictures after colouring it in.  A word of caution though is that you want to supervise them when are using the pens.  Little hands delight in twisting, twisting and more twisting and if you are not careful all the paint will end up on one picture.  You do have to let the picture dry after the gel paint is on it.  This would not be a good item for the car unless your kids are older than mine.

The big hit though was the Color Wonder Chalk Maker.  "That's the one we saw on t.v." they squealed, followed by oohs and ahs and wows. 

It's fairly simple to do.  It comes with the molds and a mix of coloured chalk powder. Simply add water to the bottles of colour, shake and pour.  The instructions did say you  need to be fairly quick on the pouring because it sets fast.  I wasn't sure how fast it would set so we didn't spend a lot of time mixing up the colours.  My children didn't have the patience for that anyways.  We did one bottle at a time and they each chose a colour and got to pour it into the molds. 

It is best to do this activity outside in case there any spills.  With little hands into the mix, we all managed to get pretty chalky.  Of course, that's half the fun.  The neighbour's grandsons were outside when we came outside to make chalk and while older, they were completely thrilled to try out making chalk with us. 

I think the hardest part for the kids was waiting for it to set so it was fortunate that with the kids from next door, we spent the next 10 to 20 minutes chasing bubbles on the lawn.  They were, of course, very anxious to try out their chalk.  Once it was set they all had a lot of fun.  The nice thing about this chalk is that it has more of a pastel crayon feel to it than chalky and the colours were very bright. 

For all the fun that this created with the kids and neighbours etc, this is definitely an activity worth doing again.  The kids loved it.  I loved it.  We had a great time!

All of the products we received were just great and indeed it was funny to hear even  the 10 year old kids from next door say "gee Crayola always makes such good stuff". 

Check out Crayola.ca for printable colouring pages, make-your-own cards and activity ideas. 

Thanks to Crayola.ca for the opportunity to review this great products.

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