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Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

Well, I hope everyone had a lovely Mother's Day yesterday.

We certainly had a lovely day.  My husband made me breakfast and thanks to my little J's prompting the evening before for Daddy to take her out and get me something, I had lovely yellow carnations and an even lovelier box of Lindor chocolates waiting for me when I got downstairs.  In her excitement she had already showed me the little clay heart she had painted for me and wanted a new surprise for me to have on Mother's Day.  Plus E had a little seedling started for me in a cup and a lovely hand made tulip crafted for me.  O, thanks to pre-school, even had his own little clay heart on a string to give me along with a pretty tissue flower card.  My first crafted gifts from my little son. Sigh, what a big boy he is getting.

We had visited K's mom the Friday before and gave her a card and a gift so we could  got see my parents on the Sunday.  My parents purchased a new trailer (new to them anyways) and this was their first weekend up at the beach.  We told the kids we were going to see faraway Nana and Papa but not where they were.  So they were completely surprised and thrilled to arrive at the beach. Although it was very windy and we all got windburned cheeks, the kids had a marvelous time.  I was freezing cold and all I could think at one point was how much longer till we could leave.  *L*  But the wind died down and it started to warm up a bit so then it got better.  I love being at the beach but I wished I was dressed a little warmer.  Still, it was so nice getting into the sunwarmed van afterwards.  I didn't think I'd ever warm up.  We finished off with dinner at Smitty's and those nice ladies honoured all three of my kid's free meal tickets and so it wasn't quite so expensive for us afterall.

It really was a lovely day!


  1. Sounds wonderful! Besides, I always think it is a triumph when you can travel with children for anything (really no matter how short) and it is fairly successful!

  2. That does sounds like a great day. It's always nice when a special day actually does turn out the way we hoped.

  3. It was really a wonderful day for me too, i always wait for the day to see the happiness on my mom's face.


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