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Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Tortured Life of Jingles the Cat

I really do hope cats have nine lives.  Seriously.  With my children, this poor kitty is going to need ALL nine. 

I have to say this is the best natured cat we have ever owned or even met for that matter.  He has greeted each spastic episode with an almost apathetic calmness.

Let's see, other than the tug of war that goes on over the kitty daily and I have learned to dread the early morning wail "I want the kitty,I had it first" before I even open my peepers, this is what the cat has faced thus far:

O put the kitty inside on of those kid folding, foam couches and closed it up and... sat on the cat.  The cat didn't even cry.  I only realized what was up from his sister telling on him. I opened up the couch, the cat just looked at me and didn't even attempt to get away.  Stunned?  Maybe. 
While having his bath O grabbed the kitty and pulled him into the tub with him.  The cat didn't mind. Well not until O decided to dump buckets of water over the cat's head.  Again, I have my information from his sister.  She's a prime source that kid.

Then this morning, his sister once again informs me that she wasn't playing with bandaids, O was.  Oh really?  Doesn't that just set my mom radar agoing.  Sure enough there was O with bandaids in his bedroom.  J feigning complete innocence and utter ignorance as to what was going on.  Sure you weren't sweetie, then who told O where the bandaids were?  Gotcha my girl!
 I thought that was it until hubby sees the cat. 

I guess they figured it needed a little doctoring.  The silly cat just sat there and let them do that to it.  Mind you, one of them could have had it pinned down. 

Who knew bandaids would stick to cat fur so badly.  Poor thing.  He didn't actually even cry when he got them off.  Of course, hubby tried to be as careful as possible. 

Guess I am going to have to hide the bandaids in a better spot.  Darn my weak moment.  I knew J had a predilection for bandaids and I actually let her see the stash when I put a bandaid on her knee yesterday but I figured hey, she was older now.  Silly mommy. 


  1. Toonces our cat, luckily, went to heaven. Nicest cat in the world, put up with all the LOVE from the kids, even though she was 17 years old. I know she's at peace now cause our little monkeys can't get at her now.

    Jingles! What a good cat! Wow those bandaids work better on cats than kids!

  2. lol @ the fur-covered band-aids. Poor kitty. I'm glad she takes it well.

  3. Oh poor kitty. Yeah, definitely gonna need all 9 of those lives. Good thing he's mild mannered or your kiddos would be needing the bandaids!

  4. I remember our kitty when I was a child. We would get in soo much trouble if we tried any of that, but he did put up with a lot. My lil sis would constantly chase him down and hold him (she was 3 so holding him was difficult, it was more like dragging him). Or she would hold him too tighly. Good kitty though, was about 18 when he passed.

  5. I just love cats and i never want to see them in the bad condition, i am feeling sad for poor kitty.


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