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Friday, April 30, 2010

My Last Day as Owner of MV

Well, here I sit on my last shift, blogging away.  You would think I'd be busy organizing or packing or just plain old doing something.  Something that is other than blogging.  I believe how I mentioned that these people already came in and started on reorganizing the back room well... you can imagine to my surprise that they have been at it all week.  Some with my SIL and some on their own.  One part of me is relieved that I didn't have to drive down an extra day to do clean up myself but the other part of me is a little needled.

We had planned on handing over the keys tonight after the store is closed.  What I had not planned on was coming in to find them working away entering inventory and getting last minute crash training.  What I had planned on was coming in and gather up the rest of my bookkeeping, finishing deleting stuff in the computer and going through the front counter drawers making sure I pulled out anything at all pertaining to banking info etc.  What I had not planned on was trying to handle a Friday night rush in around the one while the other rifled through all the drawers purging as she went.  Yeah.  Then he blithely informs me that he changed the price grid in the computer. WTF?  They don't even own the store yet and they're messing around with the pricing.

Still... like I said. I'm somewhat needled over it but being a keep the peace kind of person that I am, I've been able to shrug it off.  This is my last day and then I'm done.  I will be relieved.


  1. The gall of some people. I would of been irritated too. At least it's all over and you can take your wad of cash and buy yourself a mixer!

  2. Uh! How rude! You have every right to be annoyed.

    Thanks for stopping in to make my SITS day so spectacular. Your time and words mean the world to me.

    Lots of yummy love,
    Alex aka Ma, What's for Dinner


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