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Friday, April 16, 2010

Crayola KidsZone - Lights Camera Color - A Review

Wonderful news.  I have been invited to participate in

Crayola Canadas Mom Advisory Panel

I am extremely thrilled to be taking part in this panel.  Like most kids, my children just love to be creative and what better product to be creative with than crayola.  We have always been Crayola product users so it makes this opportunity just that much more exciting.  Like me, I am sure you parents out there have discovered that dollar store crayons just don't compare!

Now my first Crayola opportunity was to check out the Lights Camera Color application at the Crayola KidsZone.  I hadn't heard about this so I was more than pleased to check it out.  Basically it's a site where you upload a photo of your choice and then the application removes all the color from your picture transforming it into a black and white line drawing.  You can leave your photo as it is or dress it up with jazzy backgrounds or designs. 

The upload feature was quick and easy and in seconds I had a photo of E with Jingles the cat uploaded and transformed.  E was thrilled to have a picture of her and her beloved kitty to color.  I then took a photo of O in his sandbox, added in a clipart of Buzz Lightyear flying in to the rescue while he was playing with Mater and Lightning McQueen in the sand.  He LOVED it.  It made it seem like those toys had been in the photo all along.  There are several other Disney characters available such as Handy Manny and Tinkerbell.  Ooh J's favourite!

Anyone can pop in and try out the site but in order to print, you need a code which comes on specially marked Crayola crayons packages. Just register online and enter that code and voila you have access to their print feature. 

It was a lot of fun and since I'm always buying crayons anyways, it's a nice little bonus.

Disclosure:  I received a free product code in order to access the site and review the Lights Camera Color application. 

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