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Thursday, April 1, 2010

My Husband is Bad for my blog

Yes, my husband is bad for my blog.  Well I guess not entirely since he does often provide blog fodder.  It's just what with employee issues at work he's had to switch some of his hours around which means he's been home three days this week while working evenings. 

How many of you wives out there understand what I mean when I say he completely throws my schedule out the window when he's home.  I don't know why but things just don't get done the same.  It's almost like I want to perpetuate the myth that SAHM's really don't do much with their day. 

Maybe it's because I think he should do more around the house and I'm holding back waiting for him to take the initiative and get something started.  He's pretty good at helping out when you ask only I can't help but wish he'd just do it without my asking.  I'm not his mom too, if you know what I mean.

Then there is the fact that I have a certain way of doing things.  After E is gone to school and hubs to work, I do my tidy up, get ready for the day, start a load of wash and then I go online blog and visit other blogs.  While I'd like to be able to say that this doesn't take up too much of my time, I have to be honest and tell you it's a terrible time sucker and often an hour could go by in a snap.  Still, my jobs get done on and off throughout the day in between playing with the kids, fixing snacks, grabbing a quick read or cup of tea and browsing the occasional blog or making the odd post. 

When my husband is home that all goes completely out of the window.  I almost feel guilty if I sit down and play at the computer for any length of time.  Why, I don't really know.  I mean I'm a modern day woman, I believe men are just as nurturing and capable of looking after a home and children as we are.  Okay, not quite but they can be damn good at it.  So why do I feel guilty sitting down to do a quick read or when he obviously has no qualms about putting his feet up flicking on the t.v. or even picking up the newspaper.  Why do I feel like I have to hover and be on call 24/7.  He certainly doesn't expect it of me.  Why do I put myself in that position?  Is it age old generations of gender roles rising up unconciously within me?  Or for some reasons my plans always get put on the back burner for his.  It's a rare time for him to be home during the day and so he has lots of projects he'd like to do.  When all I can do is fantasize about having a block of time to myself so I can go check out that neat kid's consignment store I saw downtown.  Sigh.  Don't get me wrong, I love having him home to help share the work of looking after the kids. It's nice to have someone to run with you to the store and to drop off or pick up at preschool but I like having my time too.

So I don't get much blogging done on days that he is hanging around the house.  I should be able to do more in the evenings but let's face sometimes there are better things to do... like playing Sims 3.  Which I just got from Amazon with gift certificates from Mom Central.  Thanks Mom Central.  It couldn't have come at a better time what with hubby working evenings right now.  I dare not play it during the day or my kids won't get fed at all.  Like I could play it with hubs around anyways.  It will be fun for a few days until I figure out all the cheats and build myself fantastic mansions and then I'll get tired of it. 

What a long way to explain why I haven't been posting as much lately. Does it throw you off your schedule when your husband is unexpectedly home?  Does it bother you or do you love it?

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  1. Well Momma, myhusband used to work nights and I could get all my blogging done, for over a month he isn't working nights now and it makes blogging difficult sometimes. It really does.

    So, I completely understand.


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