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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Treebobs and the Runaway Cauldron - Audio Book Review

What are #Treebobs?  Treebobs are little elves full of mischief and fun.  The latest release is titled THE TREEBOBS AND THE RUNAWAY CAULDRON.  
With their best friends, the fairies, the Treebobs enjoy nothing more than foiling the dastardly plans of the forest’s two resident witches, Badlot Barbara and Rotten Rena. Join in the madcap antics with the Treebobs newest concoction, as the fairies and wicked witches go banana bonkers when Rotton Rena's mother enters Rena into the great egg and cauldron race.  Poor old Rotten Rena just has to win or mother will not be pleased!
I recently had the opportunity to download and play this unique series for my children.  This series couldn't have come at a more opportune time as I had been wanting to find an audio series that we could play in the van on our road trips.  Not just any children's audio books would do.  The story can't be too long and it has to engage children of three different ages.

The stories in this series each run approximately 16 to 17 minutes, just long enough to play two stories on the way to Nana's.  As well, the silence that reigned in the van for the entire time the stories played speaks for it self.  I did find my oldest, who is 9, was the most interested in the stories as she was the first to beg for another story to be played.

I, myself, found the stories to be engaging and the narrator had a very pleasant voice to listen to with varying voices for each of the characters that made it easy to follow along.

While the Treebobs are little elves and get involved with witches and fairies the stories are light and humorous and not dark at all.  So if you don't mind the zany antics of witches and elves, I would definitely recommend you give these books a listen.  At $2.95 for instant download, you can't go wrong.  The download itself was smooth and painless and I had the audio files running in seconds. (This from the person who is still struggling to get tunes on her child's ipod nano)

All the Treebobs audible audios are available at Amazon.com and audible.com

For more information visit www.Tales4All.com

Listen to audio book samples here:  http://www.tales4all.com/treebobs/

How about you?  What sort of Audio Books do you listen to?


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