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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Having Fun With Valentines

So all the bloggy experts tell me that if I want to get a Valentine post submitted to search engines in time to actually show up in Valentine searches, it needed to be done like two weeks ago.  Nice thought and while I wrote it down on my “blog calendar”, as you can see reality has set in and I am now rushing through Valentine card production like my kids are on a chain gang. 

Thank goodness a trip a few weeks ago to the big City (to watch the Hobbit) meant a long awaited trip to Michael’s where they had all their Valentine kits 40% off. Of course, it was tough to decided on which kit to purchase since with three kids I needed to get the most decorations out of the least amount of boxes.

I chose these ones because each kit contains 32 butterflies that you can insert a lollipop into.  A far easier chore than last years hand cut heart butterflies with pixie sticks.  While they were cute, they were a lot of work.. for me.  So I’m glad I found these kits.  Not to mention the extra decorating sparkly form hearts and flowers are so plentiful that I’m saving one whole package to use on different crafts.

All I had to do was get a few suckers at the dollar store and voila, adorable butterfly valentines.

Of course, homemade Valentines are just as cute as these creative animal Valentine animals my kids came up with last week show. Unfortunately, their desire to create does not extend to doing enough for the entire class!  Still, these adorable creations will delight the Nana’s and the Papa’s.

20130213_161226 20130213_161937

Of course, making Valentine’s wouldn’t be quite so much fun without a lovely flower mug of Hot Cocoa! 


What did you do with your kids for Valentine’s?


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