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Monday, February 18, 2013

Getting Healthy with Supplements–femMED

Pinned ImagePart of getting healthy in 2013 for me isn’t all about losing weight although that’s a big part of it.  There are many aspects of our health that all need to come together and basically become more balanced.  Where there is no balance, things start to fall apart.  That’s true about any aspect of our lives, not just our health.

Of course, being busy with children, work and all the cares that falls on our shoulders it is so difficult for us to find the time and the ways to care for ourselves.  How often do we put the needs of our families first before our own.  How many times do you put back a treat for yourself (like a new set of art pens) because you know the kids need new boots and the pens would be an splurge even though it might feed some creative outlet in you.  (Yes, I really did put the pens back and regret it although their boots look great).


So when I was contacted about doing a review of femMED, a line of doctor formulated herbal supplements, I thought the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. 


Basically, femMED was created by, Shawna Page, a mother of three, when she realized that there was a gap in the market for proper nutrition for women.  She decided to follow her passion for natural health to fill this void.  Along with a medical team, she developed femMED, as a solution to some of women’s most common health concerns.

The line now contains 13 formulations including:

Sleep- to help reduce insomnia and restlessness, and help improve the quality of sleep

Libido- to enhance sexual desire, satisfaction and sexual response, and improve lubrication

Energy- to help improve mental and/or physical performance

Weight Management- increases the feeling of fullness, helping to reduce calorie intake

Breast Health- to help promote a healthy estrogen balance and help protect breasts from abnormal cell growth

I had an opportunity to pick one of these formulations to try for myself.  I spent quite a bit of time looking through their website www.femMED.com and reading about the benefits of each formulation and reading about users actual reviews on their experiences. I also watched a number of informative videos that they have on the site.  It seemed like I could benefit from all of it.  Which is a good thing since their products are formulated so that you can take more than one at a time, no worries about too much of one ingredient etc. 

However, since losing weight is the biggest contributing factor to my getting heafemweightlthier at the moment, I opted for the Weight Management formulation.

Don’t worry this isn’t like those diet pills that hype you up on caffeine and give you the jitters.  No, it relies on a blend of soluble fibers that work together to help you feel fuller and thereby reduce your calorie intake.  Added benefits is that soluble fiber helps improve blood glucose control and cholesterol levels and improve your bowel function. 

As a more natural weight management product, this definitely works.  I take my three pills before each meal and I feel fuller and more satisfied.  I still have to make that conscious choice to limit my portions but I’m not left craving more or feeling hungry.  Sometimes when we are having a busy day at our store, we don’t get to eat lunch until late afternoon and I find that between my breakfast and the femMED weight management, I am able to carry through longer.

I’ve also noticed that while on the Weight Management formulation my blood sugar numbers have been way easier to control.  I won’t find out about my cholesterol levels until I see my doctor but considering all the research points to how fiber gloms onto cholesterol and helps flush it away, I’m happy that I’m doing something positive about trying to lower my levels.

All in all I’ve lost about 4 pounds in the two weeks I’ve been using this product and while some of that is due to exercise and cutting back my portions, it’s all definitely made easier when you feel full.

femMED products can be ordered on online through their website www.femMED.com or at

Shoppers Drugmart/Pharmaprix, Walmart, Loblaws', Rexall PharmaPlus, London Drugs, Save-On-Foods

I plan to go back through their website and and try their Hormonal Balance and Energy formulations, both of which I feel I could benefit from.  On a side note, I liked their website.  It seems well designed to me, easy to use and easy to find the information you want.  I liked that they included user reviews with all their products, FAQ’s, and a list of ingredients. 

How about you?  Are you taking any supplements to help improve your health?


*disclosure, I received a bottle of Weight Management in order to conduct this review.  NO other compensation was received for this post and the opinions herein are the opinions of Zeemaid*



  1. I take a mutlivitamin/mineral daily and have for years to ensure I am getting all the nutrients I need.

  2. Good for you on taking care of yourself! It's so important to do!


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