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Tuesday, July 24, 2012


As a mom to three small children, I don't get to shop for jewelry all that much so I was pretty excited when I was asked to check out Ulinx Jewelry.  I was even more excited when I saw their website and saw how cool their magnetic charm bracelets are.  There were a multitude of "inspirations" I could choose from or I could design my own.  With their online design app it was easy as pie to make gorgeous combinations and since I created an account, I was able to save my various design combinations for future reference.

The hard part?  Settling on one design to order.  Finally, I chose to go with mixed blues.

How it Works
The bracelets are made up of Clix and Linx.  The Linx are 6mm spheres made of magnetized neodymium.  These spheres hold everything together so you don't need strings, chords or chains etc.  The Clix are the designer pieces that you choose to make up the bracelet.  You can mix and match each Clix to create your own one of a kind piece of jewelry. 

My bracelet arrived within 2 weeks of ordering.  I suspect that it would have been quicker if my parcel didn't have to go through customs.  Still 2 weeks is pretty good.  I was delighted with the packaging for the bracelet.  It comes in this cute clear donut like container.  Definitely attractive enough to keep for storing my bracelet.  The bracelet itself oozes quality.  There is a nice weight to it, the colours are clear and very good representation of what I saw online.  The magnetic linx are very strong and hold the bracelet together extremely well.  

The most fun thing about these Ulinx magnetic charm bracelets is that you can play with the design combinations and if you get bored with how it looks, you can always order a few more Clix to freshen things up a bit.  

The only funny thing that happened to me is that it did accidentally connect to a shopping cart while I was unloading groceries at Safeway.  Any other bracelet getting snagged would have resulted in flying beads and lost charms. With the magnetic bracelet, I merely disconnected the bracelet from the cart and re-attach it to itself.  

Now for the fun part for you.  Ulinx Jewelry is graciously offering one of my readers an opportunity to design their own magnetic charm bracelet.  You can enter to win in the form below or if you don't want to wait Ulinx current promotion is First 2, 3 & 4 CLIX Free (depending on the design) for their our DYO.

I should also mention that because of the magnetic properties of this bracelet, it is not meant for children under the age of 14.  If you have small children it is recommended that you keep the bracelet out of their reach as it could pose a hazard should it be swallowed.  


*disclosure - I received a Ulinx magnetic charm bracelet for the sole purposes of conducting my review. I did not receive any other form of compensation and the review conducted herein reflects the true opinions and experiences of myself*


  1. I think the classic collection is the nicest, or a mix of that and the mosaic one.

  2. I really like the luxe collection.

  3. I like the mosaic collection best.


  4. i love the Luxe collection!! they are so funky looking i love it!

  5. I like the mosaic collection


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