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Friday, August 20, 2010

Wives Say the Weirdest Things

We've been cursed blessed with unbelievably warm summer weather this year and as a result my feet are suffering.  I mean well and I really do try but somehow between showering, tweezing and getting dressed I run out of time for moisturizing and I usually end up with really rough and nasty looking feet.  Which I hate. 

So I've been trying my best to remember to moisturize even going so far as to buy new moisturizer that smells not only yummy (French Vanilla) but also has a convenient pump so I wont have to fumble with caps etc. 

Well that night I decided that I was going to really lather up my feet and wear a pair of socks to bed and hopefully wake up with soft feet.  So I lather my feet with cream, put on my socks and proceed to get ready for bed.  Of course, hubby is finished and already in bed waiting for me to complete my bathroom routine. 

As I shuffle by in my sock feet (I hate socks), I realize he was watching me and he had the look.  Ladies, I am sure you know what I mean by this.  I can't remember exactly what was said but somehow or other it was conveyed that he was feeling "frisky" to which I burst out with:

"But I've got my socks on!"

Well, that cracked us both up. I mean doesn't that just beat "I have a headache"?   Of course, he wants to know what is the big deal about socks and I'm like, I don't think I've ever done it with socks on.  I mean, gee, I'm not a guy if you know what I mean.  Although I'm sure it happened in our pre kid days when life was a little more spontaneous.

Of course, you never know but I might like having my socks on. That could be our new catch phrase... "oh honnnnney... I've got my socks on!".   I dare anyone to try and crack that code. (Anyone who hasn't read this blog, that is)

Like when we were first married we had this game where every time we said something at the same time one of us would try to say "Coke" before the other one.  Whoever said it first was owed a coke or in our case.. sex.  ;)   Of course, I probably owed him 100,000 cokes because really who could keep up with that? Still it gave us a giggle every time we were around other people to know we were playing this silly game and no one was the wiser.  Ah, we were so young once.

Still... I took my socks off.


  1. Cute Story! I just sent you an email with my info - thank you so much!

  2. I know! I always need lotion on my feet and it is always forgotten in the rush out the door. Good for you. Take the socks off.

  3. LOL But I have my socks on! I will have to remember that one:)

  4. Ok this is hilarious because my feet are sooo yucky right now! Being a SAHM, and especially because its summer, I'm literally barefoot like 90% of the time and like you, I forget to take care of things sometimes. Feet are easy to forget! Cute story about you and your husband. :)

  5. I hate socks too and the idea of sleeping with socks on gives me chills. I don't know why...I just like the feel of my bare feet against the cool bed sheets.

    The sex thing cracked me up because I have to have every ounce of clothing off but Tim could totally do it with everything on but his underwear, obviously.

    I think you should totally start using the "socks" comment as your code for wanting to have sex. Think of how much fun that would put back into your relationship!

    When Tim and I were trying to conceive, we were on a crazy spontaneous sex schedule based on when I was ovulating. I remember one evening we were at a party and because I would be ovulating the next day, I knew we'd have to get in a little action that night so we couldn't stay at the party for much longer. I told him, "Don't forget you still need to make a deposit at the bank later" and a friend of mine overheard and said, "I didn't think the bank was still open this late" and I said, "Our bank is always open". She had no clue but Tim did. And the whole "make a deposit at the bank" became our code for "I'm ovulating, we need to have sex soon". It ended up putting some much needed fun back into our dull sex life!

  6. Moisturizing and then using socks overnight really does help. I've also started keep my foot file in the shower and I try to remember to use it every time I'm in. That's helped as well.

  7. LOL I don't know how you didn't giggle like a maniac when your friend said that.

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