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Monday, August 2, 2010

To Save A Life - Movie Review

I thought I'd mention this movie this week since it's a smaller title and most likely will get lost what with films like Kick-Ass and Diary of A Wimpy Kid coming out this week. 

It's about a teen who comes to terms with the suicide of his childhood friend, facing his own problems and discovering faith and a life worth living for.  I was pretty hesitant about watching it because if you know me at all, I don't like sad things and at times it is quite sad.  I also thought it might be a cheesy movie considering it is a small title and a faith based film as well.  I'm sorry to offend but a lot of those types of films can come across as quite cheesy and not always well acted.  I have seen some good ones and I have seen some very bad ones. 

Still, I said to my husband if we don't like it we'll just shut it off.  Well we got so sucked in we watched the whole thing despite the sad bits and the late hour.  It was well acted and very well written.  I think this movie would be great to watch with older teen children because it shows how every kid has struggles and often deal with feeling alone.  Even the so called popular kids have their issues.  It also dealt candidly with some flaws that we often see in church.  For example, it comes out that the main character had gotten his girlfriend pregnant.  Of course this all happened prior to his starting to discover faith but the head pastor didn't want him around the other teens.  Here this kid is trying to find God and do the right thing and  they are afraid he will "contaminate" the other children.  Coming from a church background I have seen this narrow minded thinking before.  Of course, I'd understand their thinking if this kid had professed to be a Christian all along and then started having premarried sex etc. 

Anyways, it was still nice to see the kids rallying around and supporting each other and "owning" their own behaviour towards the kid who killed himself and how they started to heal and and help other lonely kids.  All in all it was an inspiring film despite the sad topic.

Definitely worth checking out.  Not, of course, if your husband is only into action flicks.  ;)


  1. Visiting from SITS. I have heard of this movie but thought the same things about it being cheesy, overacted, etc. I might have to check it out!

  2. Hi, I see I am following fellow SITs girl Diva. I was just over at her place.

    Nice review of the movie. I have teens, and one is leaving for college this Sunday. Oh, my. It's gonna be a tough day.
    I also do movie reviews, and hope to do more to keep my mind of the kid whose left home. *sigh*

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  4. Oh, this would be so sad to watch right now. I am reading a book (So You Don't Want to go to Church) and the closeminded stuff is in there too. This might hit the same points. Thanks for sharing though, I would have thought the same thing about bad acting/cheesy plot!


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