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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

I feel Pretty - Amy Schumer's New Movie

I went to see Amy Schumer’s new film – I Feel Pretty last night with some girlfriends.  I haven’t laughed so hard in a really long time.  Despite some of the cringe worthy embarrassing moments Amy's character gets into – the movie’s message really rang though.

It’s about a woman named Renee struggling with insecurity.  She has a bad fall and is knocked unconscious.  When she wakes up from the fall she sees herself different, believing she is the most beautiful and amazing woman just like those other “hot” girls.  Her new confidence causes her to live fearlessly until she realizes that there was no change in her appearance. 

Afterwards, we talked about what our favourite bits of the movie were and we all agreed that we’d love to be more like “Renee” – we want to pull off the confidence to be who we are unapologetically without a concern in the world for what other people think.

What stood out the most wasn’t about body sizes or looks but how that confidence is really what you need.  You can accomplish a whole hell of a lot with simple confidence.  If you believe it, those around you will too.

Too often we feel that we’re not enough.  That there is something lacking in us.  Whether that’s because of media or society or both, I don’t know.  I mean how did we get here?  Who decided what the standard of beauty is?  You would think with all the actresses speaking out against the Hollywood Beauty Standard that things would be changing.  But nope, you still see the fit, toned and often dangerously thin models selling us bikini’s and cars alike.  Sure, you’ll read about the backlash over an edited photo but guess what – editors are still editing the photos to fit that “beauty standard”.

It's not about size, it's about your health.  What looks healthy on your body can look like death and disease on another.  As I keep telling my girls - it's not about your weight, it's about your health.  How do you feel in your body.  Is your body doing what you want it to do.  Don't get caught up in the numbers or the sizes.  It definitely has not been easy trying to coach my vulnerable teen through the landmines of store sizes.  

So, thank you, Amy Schumer, for rocking your slightly above average body, for being confident in who you are and standing up for women everywhere!  PS:  thanks for making it only pg-13 so I can take my teen to it. 

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