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Thursday, May 17, 2018

6 Quick Tips for Organizing Your Kitchen

Studies show that a chaotic home can often result in a chaotic brain.

I believe this to be true.  The more clutter my husband and I have allowed into the home the more stressed out I am.  Why is it so hard to let go? I just don't know.

But I can't stand the clutter any longer.  The mess is driving me crazy.  A good friend of mine has inspired me to begin this mission of decluttering my home.  Even if it's just one small box at a time.

So this past weekend - I worked on just one room - The Kitchen.

Here are my six tips for tackling the kitchen:

#1.  Go through your cupboards, dig way back into the deepest darkest corner of your cupboards and bring out all those items you rarely or never use.  If your Great Aunt Martha gave you that hideous vase and while you may love your great aunt but hate the vase -don't hang on to.  Let it go (as Elsa would say).  The rule of thumb is if you can't actually recall having used something in the past year - it's time to let it go.

#2.  Go through your pantry - get rid of any expired products.  Same goes for any products that you know you will just not eat.  My MIL likes to give us canned peas.  We HATE canned peas.  Someone else will like canned peas.  They are donated to the food bank.  However, NEVER donate expired food.  That's just rude.

#3.  Clean out under the kitchen sink - yes, it's a yucky job (at least in my house) but you'll be amazed at what's hiding back there.  Get rid of or use of those almost empty cleaning supplies.

#4.  Tupperware - match up lids and containers - then recycle or donate the rest.  If you don't have a lid for it - chances are you won't use it.

#5.  Cutlery - can I just say sometimes we just have too many gadgets!  Sort through the cutlery - do you really need those old baby forks or spoons?  I had 7 Mc Donald straws in my drawer.  7.  Sure they may come in handy but judging by the-yellowing of the wrapper - they've been there a while.

#6.  Spices - spices expire.  I've been hanging on to some of mine since the day we moved into the valley 10 years ago.

I'm not sure why I didn't take a before picture (I think I was just too eager to get started) but here's a photo of my spice cupboard after I did the purge.  I used my label maker on a couple of the Tupperware containers I had no lids for to hold my spices and sauce packets.

 After I was done - I had 6 boxes ready to donate to the local thrift store.  My husband decided to top by Value Village since they are open later.  They gave us a 30% off coupon we could use in store just for donating.

I have to say it's quite a shock every time I open the cupboard or cutlery drawer.  Everything looks so nice and tidy.  It's been a few weeks and everything still looks organized.  So that's a win for me.

How about you?  What's your number 1 organization tip?



  1. I definitely need to deep clean my kitchen. Thanks for the tips!

  2. I've only been in our house 4 months, but my kitchen is already in need of reorganization. This is full of great ideas to get me through it. I just went through my spices while the kids were eating dinner, one down!


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