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Monday, September 8, 2014

In Which Life Goes On

Not every day is full of sadness. After all, life continues and I have a husband and three children to keep going for.  They need me more than ever and it seems like this summer has been one complete whirl of busy-ness that it's all become a blur.

We sold our house.  Finally!  After six months.  Like every other house we've sold, the process has been long drawn out and torturous.   However, the deal is signed and if everything goes alright with the home inspection on Friday the SOLD sign will be gracing our front lawn.

And we've bought a house.  An older home which needs some work but gives us the much needed space inside and out.  The big bonus to the house is the extra workshop that will become my pottery studio. I hope to begin working with clay in earnest but like everything it seems it will take time.  It's been a year since I was given everything to start my own studio and I've been itching to have my own space. Now my dream is about to come true but it'll have to wait until everything else in our home is in order before we can work on the studio. My husband tells me perhaps next spring.  He has no idea how discouraging that sounds when it seems like I've been waiting forever.

Still it's a start.  I really hope this new house will allow us to get settled into a life that feels more complete and organized to us.  We all need our own space and yet family space to come together.

I need to find a way to be happy in the chaos.


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