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Thursday, January 17, 2013

George’s Special Dry Cream

George's Cream Product Array

The harsh winter season can be especially tough on our skin.  I, for one, am struggling with chapped lips and dry hands from the cold.  While there are many skin care products out there, I am always looking for something that is not only fragrance free with no additives or irritants but is also non greasy.  Being Canadian made is an added plus.

George Doherty, a pharmacist, was looking to create a cream for local Albertans to help cCalgary, Alta.---8 Jan.2004--At his home in NW Calgary, George Doherty (co-inventor Georges Hand Cream) with samples of the cream and a set-up with cake mixer and cream in bowl, the way he started making it.   digital photo by Larry MacDougal and story by Susan Scottombat their severe dry skin from the harsh winters.  He never dreamt that when he created George’s Special Dry Cream in his kitchen with his wife’s cake mixer that it would become one of the top selling therapeutic skin moisturizers in Canada.  George’s Special Dry Cream is said to work on a variety of skin conditions such as Eczema, Psoriasis, sunburn, windburn, cradle cap, Winter itch, flaky skin, tough elbow skin, radiation therapy, sport chafing, swimmer’s itch, dry hands, foot problems including those associated with Diabetes.

Now neither I nor my family suffer with any more severe skin issues other than dry skin so I cannot attest to it’s healing powers.  What I can say after having tried the cream is that it did work to relieve my dry skin and I found it to be long lasting making my hands and heels much softer to the touch.  It is a creamy cream if that makes any sense.  Lots of skin care cream is more like hair conditioner, almost watery.  The texture of this reminds me a little of Noxzema face cream. It rubs in very quickly and absorbed speedily.  I didn’t have the urge to wipe it off, like I do with heavier skin care cream. 

While the information provided says this product is fragrance free, I assume it means fragrance free from perfume like additives because it certainly has a scent to me.  It is a light scent, almost minty maybe spearmint, which I assume comes from the ingredients used in making this product. It is a pleasant smell though and doesn’t linger long.

What I like most about this cream is that it does not include harmful ingredients like Parabens and Urea which both products have been shown to cause cancer with prolonged use.  Did you know Parabens have been banned in Europe? 

I also had an opportunity to try George’s Light Special Moisturizing Lotion which is gentle enough to use everyday and can be used by those with sensitive skin.

With a suggested retail pricing from $2.99 to $14.99 and three different sizes to choose from, it is a very affordable skincare choice.  For more information and tips using George’s Cream visit his website at www.georgescream.com


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