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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Confessions of a Housewife

Now I love my family and most of the time I’m happy to take pride in our home and do my part in taking care of the family.  However, housework can be a bit of a drudge and sometimes it can really push you over the edge.  Here is a confession of a few weird things I’ve done to “get back” at my family.


* After spending half an hour folding my daughter’s laundry, matching socks and pajama sets etc, I went to put it all away only to find her drawers a complete mess.  Frustrated I dumped her clothes in the drawer and reached my hand in and gave it a big swirl.  After all, it’s what they do after I put everything so neatly away.

*  My husband has 50 million different shades of black socks with different patterns.  It drives me crazy to sort them all the time.  Especially when you’re always missing at least one or two to match up.  When I’m really annoyed, I’ll just dump the whole lot in his drawer.  He really hates that (although he’s smart enough not to comment) and yet I’ve noticed that when he folds the darks, what’s always left in the bottom of the basket…. his socks.

*  The weirdest thing I had to adjust to when we got married was that my husband likes his t-shirts hung up on hangers in the closet.  It’s such a pain to have to hang all his shirts up especially when I have to make them all right side out.  Seriously he cannot take off a shirt without it ending up inside out and I’m just uptight enough to want to hang them up the right way.  When I’m really annoyed, they get hung up inside out.  He doesn’t like that either.  Oh well. :)

*  Sometimes, I just huck the toys into their rooms rather than put them away.  

*  I definitely have no qualms over sneaking into their candy stash and lying about it later. 

*  Wal-mart is closed whenever I will it to be so and conveniently open when I need it to be. 

*  Strawberry milk comes from pink cows and Chocolate milk from brown cows.  After all Google has proof that there are such things as pink cows and green cows, and purple cows and yellow cows.  Seriously people, what’s with the painted cows?

What about you?  Have you done anything weird like this?


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