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Friday, November 2, 2012

Topricin Junior – Review & Giveaway

My children don’t get injured very often but when they do I am often at a loss as to what to do for them other than to give them some Advil.  I don’t like medicating my children as I don’t believe it’s good for them and feel even less comfortable when you hear recall after recall on children's products.

Then there’s all the odd little things like bumps, rashes and skin irritations that there is really very little you can do about. Which is why I was happy to learn about Topricin Junior, a pain relief and healing cream featuring homeopathic biomedicines.

Completely free of parabens, petroleum and other harsh chemicals, Topricin comes in an odorless and greaseless cream.  It soothes a whole range of symptoms including:
  • muscle sprains and strains
  • soft tissue and sport/impact injuries
  • swelling and bruising
  • growing pains
  • vaccinations and other injection site pain
  • eczema and other skin conditions
  • diaper rash
  • aches and pains of fever
Of course, with no sick or injured children in the house, it’s a little difficult to try it out.  However, I do suffer from foot pain which flares up from time to time after lots of walking.  Well Halloween night was certainly one of those nights of “lots of walking”.  So I applied the cream to the bottom of my foot before bed and I have to say I definitely noticed that in the morning my foot was not stiff and swollen like it usually would be after an evening of walking.  True to their claim, the cream was definitely odorless and completely grease free.  I have a bugaboo about sticking my fingers in stinky cream that leave a smell on your fingers for hours despite hand washing so I was pleased to find I had no issues whatsoever using it.

I also had a chance to use it on a scratch on my daughter’s head.  It was stinging and really bothering her so I whipped out the Topricin Junior and dabbed a small bit on her forehead.  Well, I know it must have worked because I didn’t hear a peep out of her about it the rest of the evening.  Not to mention, she has sensitive skin and sometimes when I try to apply something like aloe vera gel, she instantly complains about stinging.  Not so with Topricin. 

Would you like to try Topricin Junior yourself?  Well, you can Enter to win a Topical BioMedic’s limited edition Care and Share Kit: one 1.5-ounce tube of TopricinJunior to share with others in the Raflecopter form below.

Or for a limited time Topical BioMedics is offering a free Kids Care and Share Kit while supplies last. Customers simply pay $6.96 for shipping and handling. (A 1.5-ounce tube of Topricin retails for $12.99). Limit one per customer. This is the link to their special offer.  http://www.kidscareandshare.com/

Do you use homeopathic alternatives in treating your children?


a Rafflecopter giveaway *disclosure - I received a sample of Topricin junior to conduct the review.  As always, the reviews and the opinions expressed herein are my own*

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