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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Black Friday - Great Deals or Huge Nightmare

I'm from Canada and since our Thanksgiving is held in October, we don't do the whole "Black Friday" hype here.  On some level, a part of me felt like we Canadians were missing out especially when so many of our American channels hype up all the supposedly great deals to be had the day after Thanksgiving.

Having said that, however, it has been creeping up on me that more and more of our Canadian advertising has been directed to "Black Friday" deals, especially in my community.  Every where I look I see "Black Friday" sales being advertised and can't help but feel like the higher ups are trying to jump on the whole "Black Friday" gravy train.

Of course, the deals are no where as good as they are in the U.S. considering how much more expensive everything here in Canada is.  Still, I can't help but wonder if there is a subtle campaign going on to bring this marketing phenomenon to Canada.

Up until I saw this video, I might not have thought that was such a bad idea.

Now, I think people are just plain old stupid.  This is what our world has been reduced to - stampeding Wal-mart like a herd of wild elephants over phones?  Because like it's such a necessity to our existence that we need to push and shove some other poor person just to lay my hands on one.  (can you hear the sarcasm) 

If Black Friday should choose to rear its ugly head here in Canada, I for one will not be participating.  Neither will our business.

How do you feel about Black Friday?

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