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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Mysterious little Package and a Snoop

A week or so ago I came across a wrapper on my 9 year old's dresser.  My first thought was crap, I must have forgotten to throw it away or alternatively she saw in the garbage can in my bathroom, thought it looked interesting and grabbed.  Either way I didn't want to make a big deal out of it, I simply took it off her desk and threw it away (after showing hubs what I found, of course).  End of story or so I thought.

We are expecting company this weekend so I am on a de-clutter and get things put away campaign. We've been pretty slack this summer and nothing gets a bedroom quite so clean and organized unless mom is right there the entire time knee deep in toys, discarded underwear and other junk.  Is it just my kids who find the weirdest places to put their dirty underwear?

So we're cleaning away.  Hers was the last bedroom on the list this week and I swear each day it got messier and messier because she knew mom was going to help her.  I guess I shouldn't have been all that surprised when I came across the condom hidden in a pile of toys.  I know, ewww, right?

But I was surprised.  Stealing a wrapper off the bathroom counter or out of the garbage can while sorta gross, I can understand considering she's a curious kid and a rabid arts and craft recycler. But to go into my room and snoop through my drawers and take something, I thought we had dealt with that a couple of years ago.

Of course, being 9 she is completely in the dark as to what it was that she took.  She hid it because she knew she had done something wrong not because she knew what it was.  Still while I'm having the all too serious talk about how she's not to snoop through mommy's room and take things,  I couldn't help flash back to a similar incident in my own childhood.

Although in my case the culprit was my older brother by two years.  He had found my parent's stash and proceeded to open them and blow them up.  I only vaguely understood what they were and fuzzy on what they were actually for but gamely laughed as my brother clowned around.  Of course, like all kids he was stupid and left the evidence behind and so he was found out.  Just how I ended up involved in the whole thing I don't know but I do remember my mother sitting me down and wanting to know if I knew what they were.  I said I did but was too embarrassed to say the name out loud.  That starting a 3 day stand off wherein my mother was determined I was going to say condoms out loud and was grounded until I did.  Like I said, it lasted for three days until I realized my stubbornness was going to keep my from going to my first school dance.  In the end we both compromised and I was allowed to write it out, although the note I wrote was completely snarky.  I believe it started with something like "ha ha you won".

I am so glad though that I decided to help her clean her room. Can you imagine my stuffy BIL's face if his daughter had found it first?   Horrified wouldn't have been the beginning of it.  This weekend is going to be tough enough without adding that in to the mix.

I wonder if my mother still has that note?

Has this happened to you yet?


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