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Friday, June 29, 2012

Get Brushing with Orajel - a Review

If your kids are anything like mine, you have a hard time getting them to brush their teeth.  They either teeter from wanting to squeeze the toothpaste all the time to not wanting to brush at all.  As moms we struggle to make brushing fun and yet get the job done as painlessly as possible. 

Orajel® Toddler My Way!™ Girls Fluoride-Free Toothpaste is a great way to put the fun back into the brushing routine.  It comes with over 100 stickers so kids can decorate their toothpaste however they want. The toothpaste is non abrasive and safe if swallowed.  It helps to remove plaque when brushing and helps to promote good oral hygiene at an early age.  SRP:  $3.79

A friend's daughter was so keen on brushing her teeth that her mom felt bad telling her no all the time because she didn't want her to get too much fluoride.  I know, don't you wish all our children were like that?  That's when I came up with the brilliant suggestion that she keep on hand a tube of fluoride free toothpaste for all the extra brushing she wants to do.  My friend loved the idea and adopted it.  

For kids four and up the New Orajel® Kids My Way!™ Girls Anticavity Fluoride Toothpaste is a great way to transition from fluoride-free to a fluoride toothpaste.  It too comes with over 100 stickers so kids can decorate their toothpaste their way.  Letter stickers allow kids to add their names.  
"When brushing is fun, it gets done!"
Medicinal Ingredient: Fluoride 0.11% W/W (as Sodium Fluoride 0.243% W/W)

Now available in retailers across Canada.  SRP: $5.49

My kids loved decorating the toothpaste tubes and brushing their teeth with this toothpaste. My one daughter, in particular, said she liked it because it wasn't "spicy", something she complains about with our kid's crest toothpaste.  In fact, the only real issue with this product is that if you have more than one child like me, you will probably want to get them their own toothpaste each for decorating.  As it was, we compromised with one got the front and the other got the back and the third decorated the second tube we had.  

Have you tried Orajel yet? 


*disclosure:  Product was received in order to conduct the review.  No other payment or compensation was received.  All opinions and comments stated on this blog reflect the experiences of Zeemaid and her family. *

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