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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Storm of the Century

Okay so I exaggerate.  It wasn’t the storm of the century but it certainly was the worst storm I have ever seen on our small west coast Island.  It was the first time school has ever been cancelled due to extreme weather conditions and we’re not talking snow.  In fact the wind was blowing so hard it actually scared my six year old and so we ended up listening to the storm (cause we certainly couldn’t ignore the noise) with the blinds closed for most of the day. 

Then bizarrest of all things is that it tried to snow late last evening.  Huge enormous snowflakes came floating down from nowhere only to disappear ten minutes later.

Today the sun is shining but the aftermath of destruction is severe. Highways are closed, trees are down and power is out for thousands of people.  Luckily not us.  We not only managed to keep our power but our satellite signal.  Who says satellites are so weather finicky. We’ve never had a problem with ours ever. 

We did; however, lose two fence panels.  One of them surprisingly was a panel that had been repaired only last year and yet it was the first to go.  The good news is that the fence belongs to the neighbours and not us and being retired older people with money they can well fork out the several hundred dollars needed to fix it that we couldn’t.

 DSC03868   O inspecting the damage

Now I just have to make sure the kids stay out of the neighbour’s yard. 


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