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Friday, January 21, 2011

Waste-Free Lunches - Review and Giveaway

Courtesy of Easylunchboxes

You may recall my post "It's Not Easy Going Green".  Well sometimes it pays to share our troubles because Kelly Lester emailed and offered me a possible solution:   check out the Easy Lunch Box system.  As a matter a fact, I had already checked out this system and found it to be the most affordable system out there.  The problem was that it's in the U.S. and what with being Canadian and all you're just never sure how much duty and/or taxes you might get hit with once that delightful parcel arrives.  Not to mention duty, taxes and shipping all help drive up the costs. 

So when Kelly asked me of I'd like to do a review, I jumped at the chance.  Here's what Kelly has to say about her Easy Lunchbox System:

"Born out of my response to unhealthy school lunch programs, EasyLunchboxes.com started from the desire to send my 3 kids to school with a nutritious meal, using little to no wasteful packaging. But the EasyLunchbox System is not just for kids. Adult size meals fit perfectly too.

The EasyLunchbox System 's design, functionality, and low price has quickly made it a top choice among green lunch box solutions since it came on the market in December, 2009. Named a 'top 5 Eco-Friendly Mommy Must Have" by Parents Ask, the EasyLunchbox System has been rated TOP CHOICE by many independent reviewers. Read their reviews HERE .

My clever solution to the lunch-packing chore is the simple two piece EasyLunchbox container: The bottom has three compartments to hold an entree or sandwich and two side dishes. The fitted lid (which comes in 4 colors) covers all three compartments at once. No more squished sandwiches, mismatched plastic container pieces to keep track of (matching up all those bottoms and lids was the thing that drove me nuts!) or wasteful baggies. Fits perfectly inside the roomy EasyLunchbox custom carrying bag. And there is still plenty of room to throw in an extra snack or two, whole fruit, perhaps a thermos of soup, drink and ice block. Flexibility is key, and since so many different things can fit, no matter what menu you choose to include, it packs easily and quickly. It's amazing how much faster, greener, & easier lunch box packing is with the EasyLunchbox system.

FDA approved. No BPA, phthalates, lead, vinyl, or PVC. Safe for dishwasher, freezer, and microwave.

Our Cooler Bags are made of the highest quality 300D Polyester for premium durability and toughness. Vinyl free (PVC free) & lead free, with an FDA compliant PEVA lining.
The Lunch Bags come in a choice of five colours.  The Lunch Bags and Food Containers are purchased separately and it is recommended that you buy both.

When I first received the lunch box system I was impressed with how sturdy the food containers were.  The lids fit nicely together and were easy to pop open.  The Lunch Bag too was sturdy and a nice size as well as very colourful (we chose purple).  My girls were thrilled at the thought that one of them was going to have a new lunch bag to take to school

At first I was hesitant to let the oldest take this lunch box system to school.  She, is after all the one I've been having problems with returning her containers.  You know how it is, you get something new and you're reluctant to let it go.  But then I came to my senses and realized, duh this is the child I need to try it out on.

So that's what I did and so far it's been an entire week and E has remembered to bring home her lunch box every day.  It has even motivated her to bring her water bottle home more often.  The reason being is that there is only ONE container to look after and due to it's size, there's no way she's going to tuck that in her pocket and take it outside with her at recess. Nope, she's going to take out her snack and put it in her pocket. 

I didn't want to leave my younger daughter out so I checked to see if the food container would fit in her lunch box and sure enough it did.  Since you get four food containers in a pack, it makes sharing easy. 

I should mention that the lids are not spill proof. They are made to be easily opened by small hands. Which is why it's recommended to use these food containers with the corresponding lunch boxes. The containers fit snuggly in the bag in an upright position and unless the bag is tipped upside down the containers stay upright.  So I can see how liquids could spill if you put these containers in regular lunch bags which are meant to be carried sideways. 

I really do love this product and it's taken me from ziplock baggies to one step packing eco-friendly lunch boxes.  I also should mention that these containers stack really well in the cupboard.  When not in use they nest together with the four lids clicking together and sitting on top. 

Possibly the best news for me is that there is a now a distributor in Canada (no more duty) and so I will definitely be buying a lunch bag for my other daughter and for my son when he starts school.  

Open to US and Canadian Residents
Please do not enter this giveaway if you have won or received free product
from EasyLunchboxes within the past 3 months.

Enter to win your own Easy Lunchbox System. 
 Winner receives 1 Lunchbag (colour of your choice) and 1 set of Food Containers

Contest Ends February 4th

Mandatory Entry

Visit Easy Lunchboxes.Com and come back here and leave a comment about something you've learned from their site.  Must be done before any other entries.

Extra Entries

Disclosure: I received one lunchbag and one set of food containers in order to conduct my review.  In no other way was I compensated and the reviews on this product do honestly and accurately represent my experience with this product. 


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