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Saturday, November 24, 2018

Why You Need to Support Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday
Did you know that it's Small Business Saturday today?  Every year, it falls on the day after Black Friday as a way of continuing the sales and getting the word out to consumers to support small business owners.

Why You Need to Support Small Business Saturday

Small businesses:  
  • form the backbone of our economy providing valuable services to consumers;
  • support the community by hiring employees; 
  • donate to causes like local charities and school fundraisers; 
  • support the local economy by spending their earnings in their communities;  and
  • help create a vision for the future of a community. 
I never intended to be a small business owner and actually fell into it rather by chance.  I had actually trained as a legal assistant and worked as one for 13 years when I became pregnant with my first child.  As always, life happens and circumstances change so I was glad when the opportunity came up for me to have my own small business and yet contribute to the family income at the same time. 

Running my own small business allowed me to stay home with my three children.  When my oldest daughter was diagnosed with autism, I was able to cut back my hours so as to be able to take her to the therapies and support she needed.  Many times over the past few years, I have wondered how I would have been able to get my daughter to her therapies if I didn't have freedom in my work schedule.  I am sure any parent of a special needs child can relate. 

So when my daughter developed anxiety in the school system and needed more support, being my own boss, enabled me to make the choice to homeschool.  

My son tells me he's glad that I am home.  He feels secure in the knowledge that he knows where I am or will be.  That I will be there for him when he gets home. He won't need that security forever but for now, I can give that to him. 

Being a small business owner gives me that freedom! 

So I would urge you to look around and if there's some way you can, support a small business owner whether it's online or in a physical store.  You will not only have made their day but you have no idea what their personal circumstances are and what it means to have people support them. 

If you get good service - shout it from the mountain tops!  Let your friends and family know.  You just may have saved someone's marriage, been the means of a child getting to dance or one step closer to being debt free. 

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Aromaease - Enjoy the Ride

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