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Monday, September 23, 2013

I HATE Mornings!

Why oh why do mornings have to be so difficult?

I get up early so I can get them up so that we're not rush, rush, rush.

From them I get grunts and moans and groans.  Nice cheerful way to start the day.

From then until we're out the door, it's get dressed, eat your breakfast, comb your hair, brush your teeth, pack your backpack interspersed with - stop bugging your sister, don't take your brother's socks, don't hog the bathroom, and a million other weird things that kids do to get out of doing what they are supposed to.

By the time they are out the door, I'm wiped and some days have been known to sit down and cry.  It can be that bad.

Today my 7 year went out the door without breakfast.  Why?  Because apparently we haven nothing to eat. This is the child that when you give two choices, she's looking for a third.  I can just imagine what a lovely and pleasant day her teacher is going to get.

I ask my oldest daughter where her blouse is and she whines at me "stop buuuugggggging me".  I nicely remind her to look for her planner that she lost when she gets to school and I get "you're making me so frustrated".  Really?

Try balancing a checkbook where no matter how much you shift things around you still come up negative.  Try that for frustrating kiddo.

We've tried the charts and schedules and the non-nagging approach.  I even grab their uniforms and lay them on their beds as I go in and wake them up in the morning just so they don't have to tax their groggy little brains first thing.  (and to make sure they wear underwear, I mean seriously what is with the no underwear thing)

Obviously the experts will tell me I'm doing it all wrong if the charts and schedules don't work and I'm probably am.  I just don't know how to fix it.

Or is that just how mornings are supposed to work? I hope not because really it would be nice to say "Hope you have a nice day" to my kids without being sarcastic.

How do your mornings go?


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