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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Getting Your Teeth Clean Arm & Hammer

Part of being a mom to three children means that I don’t always take care of myself the way I should.  Sure I would like to visit the dentist every 6 months but my busy schedule and health plan means I’m lucky to squeeze a cleaning in once every 9 months.  So I do worry about plaque and plaque build up especially since I’m not a great flosser.

When I heard that the ARM & HAMMER® Spinbrush™ Pro Clean™ Battery Toothbrush can remove up to 70% more plaque in those hard to reach places, I was eager to try it.


“The ARM & HAMMER® Spinbrush™ Pro Clean

™ toothbrush features Dual-Action Technology — a combination of spinning and side-to-side brushing heads — for the ultimate in cleaning. It removes up to 70% more plaque in hard-to-reach places than a manual brush.*
It has an ergonomic handle for superior comfort and control, and comes in several premium designer colours to suit your personal style or d├ęcor.
Package includes one replacement head and two replaceable AA batteries. Available with Medium or Extra Soft bristles.”

While it took a bit to get used to since it is a little noisy and I had to adapt to a new way of brushing my teeth, I quite enjoy using the Spinbrush.  I liked that my teeth feel smooth and clean.  The way the top part of the brush spins really felt like my teeth were getting polished.  Very similar to the cleaning tools used at the dentist. 

In conjunction with the new Spinbrush, I also tried out ARM & HAMMER® Advance White™ 3 in 1 Power and ARM & HAMMER® Advance White™ Freshening Gel toothpaste. 
advanceWhite3in1Powerplp   advancedWhiteFresheningGelplp

Both of these toothpastes help whiten teeth, freshen breath and provides Fluoride cavity protection and tartar control to aid in the prevention of dental decay.  While I appreciate the useful benefits of Baking Soda, I’m not that fond of the taste, although my husband thinks it’s just fine.  So I didn’t care much for the first one but the Supreme Fresh Advance White Gel was just right and only had a slight baking soda taste.  I got used to it pretty quick.  As for the whitening part, I thought my teeth were a little whiter within a couple of days and even my husband said he noticed that his teeth were whiter. 

The ARM & HAMMER® Spinbrush™ Pro Clean™ Battery Toothbrush is affordable. I recently priced it out at Wal-mart at under $10.00 and you save more money when you buy the replacement heads.  Especially since you consider the average cost of regular toothbrushes these days. 

So what about you… do you use any type of a Spinbrush?


*disclosure – I received the above product in order to conduct the review.  The opinions and statements expressed herein reflect the true views and experiences of Zeemaid*

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