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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Family Photos

I think I might be a little old fashioned in my decor choices and I often wonder what one of those designers off of HGTV would say when they saw my china cabinet full of tea cups, mother and child plate collection and my mantle covered with photos. 

When we were trying to sell our house I had to put my photos and other knick knacks away and away they've stayed for 3 (THREE) whole years.  When we moved to the new house, I ended up not unpacking those boxes because there didn't seem much point since we were planning on painting. 

Today was the day that box finally got unpacked and my mantle was graced once again with lovely photos of my family.  Until today I had almost forgotten what was missing from my home and I can't tell you how pleasing it was to walk into the front room and see those photos on display.  It may be out of style or old fashioned to have those types of photos and decorations out but to me, it really makes my home seem a home.

It's sad to think that my children had forgotten the pretty frames and photos that mommy used to have out.  O was a newborn when the photos first went away and J was only 17 months.  Sad also to think that I had not a single framed photo of my O because that's how long the box had been packed away and how long since we were able to put photos out.  Believe me, he noticed immediately that there were no photos of him.  I assured him that I had photos, I just had to find them.  Thank goodness I have a digital photo frame full of baby O photos. 

It was worth the extra work today when the girls came home and were oohing and awing over the photos and hubs agreed that we had just made one more step towards making this house our home. 

Do you think it's weird that I'd still have my wedding photos out?  I mean it has been 11 years.  I can't recall my mother ever having wedding photos on display.  What do you think?

By the way, that's my husband with his folks and then me with my dad and my mom.  No, they are not divorced.  I couldn't find one decent photo of the three of us like K and his parents so I just put out my favourites.


  1. I need to get our pictures out too - so many of ours are put away too. I think I will keep at least one wedding picture out for the rest of our lives. Not at all unusual! :)

  2. I LOVE the idea of still having wedding photos out after years of being married! Your post really makes me want to get more of our photos out! We've been married for three years and our house has always been in a state of transition, so we have very few up. Thank you for the motivation for it!!

  3. Would it make you feel better if I emailed you pics of my family room wall and my little wooden stand thingie with wedding pics all over it????

    For awhile, I didn't have any pictures out either because we were going to paint. After we finally got our home painted, I put the pictures all over the wall and I call it my chaotic mess of family pictures. There's no rhyme or reason to it (in fact, I think I even wrote a blog post about it)...I just love it and I always get compliments on it. It warms my heart when we have guests over and I see them gazing at the pictures.

    And the wedding pictures...who cares how long ago it was. We all have happy memories of that day and I don't know about you ut sometimes I have to look at those pictures quite often to remind me why I got married in the first place...LOL!!

  4. Who cares what the designers on HGTV say? It's your home!! I used to have lots of family photos up, but then we moved this summer. I'll need to get mine out again soon!

    Oh and I love that you have your wedding photos out, that is so special.

  5. I don't think its weird, I think it is sweet. Life is all about our family and friends and if having photos of them in your home makes it feel special to you, then that is what works for you! I don't know anyone that doesn't have family photos in their house, including their wedding photos. I've been married 4 years and we still have our wedding photo out. Why not?

  6. We are SO BAD about getting our pictures framed. I can't even tell you how many we have stored away. We JUST put up a pic of our youngest - that was taken LAST year. Ugh!


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